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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Do you feel you’re at a crossroad, not knowing where your life is going?
Do you feel you have lost purpose and meaning in your life?
Are you constantly feeling depleted, stuck and stressed because of the constant go, go, go?

That was all me 10 years ago!

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11 July 2020

I worked with Women-In-Harmony coaching over a period of 6 coaching session. Salma was excellent, each session I felt very relaxed and able to be open from the begging. I started the first session feeling overwhelmed and unable to plan and prioritise in my own life, by the end of the first call everything seemed more manageable, by the end of session five I had a 12-month plan for my work, health, business creation and wealth. I'm not sure how everything transformed so quickly, I just know by the end of it I was in a totally different space and able to play big again. I really liked the lack of jargon in her coaching and practical advice and suggestions. I would strongly recommend her as an exceptional coach who encourages you to be self-reliant. More...

11 July 2020

Salma mentored me when i was going through a rough patch in life, her genuine concern and great personality got me through, with her wisdom and knowledge and her outlook on life made me see my situation from a new perspective thus allowing me to deal with it. She is supportive shows empathy is non judgemental. Thank you Salma for your support I couldn't have gone through this time without you. More...


I love connecting with people from all walks of life and serving them. I have genuine passion to make a difference in people's lives. I love my job as it like second nature to me and extremely rewarding when I see my clients living their best lives.

My ability to help myself and help others at the same time. I enjoy living a life of flexibility and having a good work-life balance.

I am a genuine, authentic caring person, so I have been told this, many times.

My vision is to help people globally, to live an extraordinary life, I 'm a powerful transformative life coach. I do not beat around the bush and waste my own time or my clients, I like to get to the root cause and help my clients see a greater future by carving out a master plan and help them see it through.

Yes, I usually work online on zoom for 1-1 and small group coaching calls. But can be flexible to other remote methods.

I encourage my customers to follow NHS guidelines and apply self-care.


Life Coaching entails any issues you may have in your life that are bothering and holding you back from progressing forward, can be solved with my help.

Things I can confidently help you with:
Habit change,
Intrapersonal and Interpersonal skills,
Happiness and
Money problems.

Don't be in despair, get in touch, and let's work together to get your problems resolved.

Looking for a new adventure?

Do you need help with upgrading your CV?

or want to discuss how to go about a career change?

Are you looking to set up a business or need advice on running a small business running?

Get in touch and let's work together.

Need help with coaching your employees to increase their performance and productivity.

This 1-1 coaching is for those people who are looking to make an internal change and want help with doing this.

Personal transformation requires discipline and guidance to practice. In this programme you will learn how to re-write your internal programme, and get rid of habits that has been sabotaging.

It is truly an empowering and enabling programme for those who are serious and desperate to improve all areas of their life.