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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Identity Creates is a one-stop creative agency run by an amazing team of women. We specialise in web design, marketing, PR, branding, graphic design, videography, photography, events & more!

With a team of experienced people who love working on new projects, we are sure to leave you feeling satisfied and happy!

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24 August 2021

General Photography

Brilliant! The team was great and the photos were amazing!

24 March 2021

Make it Media is the best! After spending ridiculous amount of money on other companies who gave us nothing in return. In under a year we have increased in clients, brand awareness and influencer marketing through their PR. They also have an amazing team. I have and will continue with to recommend them. More...


A great website is detailed without looking overloaded, it is unique and displays the brand straight away through a mixture of colours, fonts, imagery & more!

A great website should have many functions, we want the website visitor to be able to get involved and actually engage with the site. The website should have many paths that lead to your other platforms to strengthen the trust of your brand, whether that is a blog, a social account, contact information or other.

When you enter the website for the first time, the front page should be gripping enough to get your visitor to stay on it for longer and discover more information about the brand.

Other factors also contribute to your website such as load time, typography & other functionalities.

Questions we may ask:

- Why are you getting this particular service? (This question usually uncovers the reason why it's important and what led the client to choosing this specific service in the first place, this actually allows you to see if this is the right service for their need).

- What are some examples that inspire you or you want your service to be like? (This allows us to see what style the client likes and what they have in mind)

- What are some things that you don't want to see? (Usually clients have long lists of what they want but when they are asked what they don't want, it triggers them to actually take a deep thought about it and allows us to know what we should avoid).

Taking somebody's idea or thought and making it into something real and tangible. It brings the idea to life and almost makes it feel more real and exciting.

We saw the problem that many people were being ripped off by web designers or marketers to just get the service done quickly and get paid yet there was no care or thought given to it. We personally have a passion for it but also compassion to want to help people with their brands and that's why we decided to start a business.

Clients should choose us because other than making them something that they will love, we will also share our ideas and thoughts on how to help, communicate regularly and make the overall experience extremely smooth.

We don't just do this work for income but also because we love helping people build and improve their brands and so we always put 110% effort into our client's work.

Yes, services such as web design, logo design, social media management etc are all done remotely.

Our services are all online so we don't need to implement physical changes however we all know that COVID has had more than just a physical impact on people and that's why on our platforms we try to keep a positive attitude and spread positive and inspiring messages.


We offer personalised, unique website design that caters to your requirements. Whether the website is for a business or personal brand, it will be designed to a high standard.

We use a variety of website building software from WordPress, Squarespace, Wix etc depending on your required website and in some cases, preference.

We offer:

- Social Media Marketing
- Influencer Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Campaign Marketing

Whether you need a poster or a billboard designed, we can do it for you!

Our designs are high resolution and catered to your needs.

We have designed magazine features, roller banners, billboards & much more!

Did you know that it is possible to generate up to 1,000 new leads a month without constant advertising!?

There are many ways to generate new customers but our methods are tested and proven to yield great results.

Get in touch to find out more.

Is your brand/business in need of some PR? How does getting a feature in the UK’s biggest magazines that are seen by over 1 million people sound?

With the relationships that we have built over the years, we can guarantee you a feature in some of the UK’s biggest magazines that have your demographic and target audience.

At Identity Creates, we understand that finding the right influencers that work for your brand and deliver results can be difficult, that’s why we take care of all of that hustle for you from Influencer Discovery, Campaign Management, Analytics and setting up affiliate programmes.

We help our clients develop the right influencer Marketing strategy that speaks to their audience and generates real results!

Do you need to launch a new product/service? We work with our clients to create launches that are creative, effective and directed to their target audience.

Whether it's an event or advertising across digital marketing, we have everything you need to have a successful launch.

Whether needed for a website, press article or blog post, our copywriting services will help you audit your content, develop a consistent and reliable brand voice, and establish a brand style that speaks directly to your customers.

Do you need to go out to press or make a pitch? Having a great press kit/pitch deck makes a big difference in whether journalists will pick up your story.

We design and create press kits/pitch decks that are creative and unique to your brand/business, setting you apart from the competition.