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What makes me different than others?
-I actually respect and care about you as a human being,
that is the sole reason I check in with you every week,
I offer a bigger variety of services and I actually
do NOT charge you by the hour like everybody else out there, but by session

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3 July 2021

I have received support and guidance from many sources, none of which presented such a warm, proffesional and protective space as a healing session from Iasis.
When it comes to vast spiritual and healing knowledge George is a swiss army knife and offers his readings, attunement and healings in innovative ways. A few days ago i received a reading using the Starseed deck which presented a clear picture of my lifes direction... it blew my mind.

18 June 2021

Thank you so much for all the help, guidance and healing you have given me since we met from the 5th March 2021. You have been a blessing for me for this part of my journey. Through your expertise and guidance, this healing has helped me tremendously in me acknowledging, accepting and shining light on many shadow aspects of myself. If, during a session, something comes to light that I wish to look into deeper, he has guided me to places to look for more info, and helped me to take charge of my own healing, at my own pace.

I still have much work to do on me...i do...but the work I have done on myself so far, would not have been achieved had it not been for the beautiful sacred space created by George Strovilos Kleopas...i look forward to many more sessions with you...its been truly bliss

28 May 2021

My testimonial for the incredible session with George

Dated, November
I asked for a back massage a week back, also a reading a couple months back. Somehow we both never synchronised for the reading, even though we've lived in the same house.

George has such a gentle presence. He is as deep and wise, as he is humble and intuitive. From the very beginning I feel I was exactly where I was meant to be, at exactly the right time. Especially for this reading and angelic reiki session.

He lovingly invited me into his space, gave me my reading. Each card speaking volumes, yet so timely.
There was a strong reason we haven't had this reading before. For my self, I feel I had to go through certain aspects of my journey, to the point where I am now for it to have the effect that its having on me. Time and place.

His intuitive nature, passion for his work and attention to detail made all the difference.

The deep tissue message was intuitively guided, always moving in flow and always gently getting to all the right places. I could actually feel so much no longer stagnent energy leave this body I inhabit.

The tuning fork was also a great addition.

And to the angelic reiki...
The background music was drum and chanting Aum. I lay on the yoga matt with a crystal grid surrounding me. Organite in each hand and more crystals running from crown to root.
The words he spoke, the feel, the movement. It was phenomenal.

I've been to a few practitioners in my time. Reiki, matrix energetics, marconix. And they did what it says on the metaphorical box. I felt shifts and healing, however, this experience felt sacred to me. Like I was in the midst of a deep personal spiritual experience.

The angel embodying George rooted around my solar plexus, releasing and removing a deep block. To my surprise, I heard George crying. Or better put, the angel cried my long held tears through George. He said to me after, that he had never gone through that healing another.

For the first time in forever, this hard tension in my solar left me. The days and weeks after, my tear would flow freely. More than they ever have before. Especially as I have been someone who struggled to release my tears.

This is months later now, and I still feel the deepest gratitude for that healing. My tears flow freely now when I require the release. I feel capable of feeling all my feelings. And from the depths of my being, I know that he is a master of his healing craft.

Thank you for being here with us, my deep friend.

With love,
Sven Selle

6 August 2020

George offers amazing massages, and dedicates a lot of attention and devotion to what he does. I hadn’t actually received a massage that felt this healing before and my body was very receptive to the difference. I feel very nourished after each session; back in my body, blocks dissolved, peace and balance restored. As a person, he’s very empathic and caring – he takes the time to connect with you, hold space for you, and helps to empower you to take charge of your own healing process. I’d really recommend him, through and through! Thank you, from my heart to yours More...

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3 June 2020

After my session with George I felt more centred and relaxed in my body. His ability to create safe space helped me to dive deeper in the pain and release the tension, physical and emotional. I will highly recommend his work to anyone. Thank you brother! More...

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What I love the most is witnessing the healing, transformation and growth happening with all my clients. I love being of service, and I just absolutely love being a guiding light to many people worldwide that I have successfully helped to become the best version of themselves.

My personal story was a near death accident with a severe injury that led to my spiritual awakening and ignited my passion for healing and guiding people.

I actually respect and care about you as a human being,
that is the sole reason I check with you every week,
I offer a bigger variety of services and I actually
do NOT charge you by the hour like everybody else out there, but by session
because I do not use a standard "formula"-one-size-fits-all practice.
Meaning that each session could be one, two, or three hours,
depending on your individuality and needs only.

Most services apart from massage and bodywork can be offered remotely.
But I believe that presence and connection is a gift I want to offer to people.

I screen every single client before sessions, and I have tested negative for Covid-19