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Located in Westminster, Central London. Our family-run business has a long tradition.
Issued a Royal Warrant by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, for 'Services to the Crown'.
Its operation, training and services are designed and developed from a culmination of 28 years active military service in Elite Forces, Intelligence, Corporate, Retail and Family sectors.

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8 June 2018

Loving Hunter and co, both for its beautifully curated products (of which ive purchased some stunning cushions that have pride of place in our living room) and also for its instagram posts which have been very inspiring for me to update my décor and interesting regular reads! Customer service has been great too, I gave the wrong delivery details initially but Hunter and Co was so flexible and understanding in getting them redelivered to me and they turned out beautifully packaged. Will def be ordering from them again! More...

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3 April 2018

Bought the Sepia Globe, delivery fast and packaged well! product looks great in my office will be buying from them again in future again for sure.

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26 March 2018

Beautiful products & awesome delivery! We bought some cushion covers for our new sofa and a vase (the La Paz), which were exactly as described on the website, but even more of a pleasant surprise was that the customer service and delivery were spot on! Well done Hunter & Co for giving us free next delivery -- a fantastic online shopping experience we would use again. More...

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8 March 2018

I needed a basket to sit in an shelf in my bathroom and it needed to be the perfect fit! I called the customer care team and they double checked all the measurements for me without hassle! and the basket fits just perfectly!!! thanks again Hunter & Co! More...

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3 March 2018

We bought couple of items for our new house. They arrived super quickly and we are really happy with the quality. Really good value compared to some of the boutique home stores near us. Highly recommend

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The founders of HUNTER PROTECTION have exceptional world class credentials displaying incredibly high standards and protocols. Passing on unparalleled work ethics and exacting traits that are disseminated to every member of staff.
Demonstrating over 28 years’ knowledge, our founders experience include::

An Operations Manager who is a highly distinguished and decorated Senior Warrant Officer with the British Army. Serving in both Elite and Military Intelligence units, deploying on 9 Operational Tours of Duty, including: Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Belize/Guatemala and Undisclosed.
Special Projects: Classified - Field Operator Specialist (Military Intelligence).

Our Project Manager is also an international Mountain Expedition Leader and ex soldier who has organised and lead expeditions to some of the most austere locations on the globe.

House-Staffing and concierge experts that have looked after some of the most renowned family homes and corporate locations in the world.

An exceptionally gifted 'UK Government SIA licensed' social and events manager who alone has 29 years experience.

A Principal Consultant who has worked with Fortune 50 and Forbes 100 clients, as well as some of the largest and most valuable companies and brands globally.

All together, working with and advising military organisations, governments, corporate entities, individuals and families from over 42 countries (plus further undisclosed locations) so far...

Hunter Protection Ltd is an exclusive company offering the following premium services globally:

• Executive Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards)
• Security Guarding, including Residential Security Teams (Static & Mobile)
• Chauffeurs & Vehicles
• Architectural Security Risk Project Management
• Events, Functions and Travel security
• Surveillance & Investigation (Including cyber threat)
• High Value Asset Travel Protection
• Household and Concierge Management

Issued a Royal Warrant by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, for Services to the Crown.

Providing a holistic and unique service specifically tailored, comprehensively planned and methodically implemented. Utilising the specialist skills and experience of highly trained, licensed experts.

With a full understanding of the roles and vast experience. We are relied upon to deliver the requisite level of service for family, asset, home, property and business alike.

Operating at the very highest echelons, displaying the utmost discretion and client confidentiality providing services to a vast array of Principals including senior members of The Royal Family, The Prime Minister, Politicians, Heads of State, Foreign dignitaries, Senior Military Officers, Civilian Specialists, CEOs, High Net Worth VIPs, Celebrities and Media.

Our male and female Officers and Staff are fully vetted, highly trained, discreet and thorough. Individually selected, delivering the requisite level of service to our patrons. Ensuring peace of mind that their needs, safety and privacy is being taken care of at the highest level.
The security individuals and teams are skilled and experienced at presenting an overt and commanding presence when the situation requires. Whilst equally displaying a tactful, compassionate and unobtrusive nature, permitting clients to conduct both their business and family life without unnecessary intrusion.

As Architectural Security Risk/Project Managers, we have designed and implemented robust security measures on complex sites in N and Central America, Europe, Africa, and both the Middle and Far East.


With a full understanding of the role and vast experience to ensure that decisions are made immediately in a sensible and reasoned manner. You stand to gain one or more highly professional and diligent Executive Close Protection Officers/Diplomatic Bodyguards who you can rely upon to deliver the requisite level of protection, whilst operating under your direction and enabling you to conduct your business, without unnecessary intrusion.

All Officers are fully compliant with BS8507-1:2008 Code of Practice for Close Protection Officers

Hunter Protection Ltd can draw on over 28 years of experience from clients as diverse as:
Senior members of the Royal Family
The Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet Office and other dignitaries
Heads of State, plus entourage
Ambassadors, both UK and foreign
High ranking Military Officers and Civilians in war zones
Civilian Specialists into austere locations globally
Musicians at Rock Festivals such as Glastonbury
Celebrities at red carpet events
CEO's to boardroom meetings
HNW Family's on 'days out' or public events
Documentary makers / Film crews / News teams

Whether it be a retail (restaurant, pub, store/street), corporate location, holiday, red carpet, sport, board meeting, garden party, music festival, wedding, private members club... The same attention to detail and level of security and concierge expertise will be utilised to greatest effect.

Dependent on client wishes Executive Close Protection, Static/Mobile Security Guards, Night Security Guards at an Event, Premises or Commercial location can be either high or low profile (Overt or Covert). A full and comprehensive reconnaissance of the venue will be carried out with liaison from local authorities as required.

Street Security Ambassador Program
Our officers are hired as much for their emotional intelligence as their physical presence, with our proven training and supervision second to none in London. Street Security Ambassadors quickly get to understand the unique atmospherics of the area and not only deal with security threats safely and effectively, they also provide a friendly atmosphere of trust; shoppers are happier to shop longer, visitors and residents are supported, and would-be criminals are spotted and encouraged to leave quickly.

Once at the event, risk mitigation of potential threats will be initiated to allow you to enjoy the occasion in the knowledge that your security is being fully looked after.

All Officers are trained and comply to BS 7499/2013 (static and manned guarding), 7960/2005 (door supervisor). Vetted to BS 7858/2012.

We also have experienced and fully qualified Mountain Expedition Leaders, adept at organising and leading trekking expeditions (with accompanying security if required) globally.

The safety of you and your family in your home is of paramount importance.

The use of highly trained, yet discreet Residential Security Teams (RST) will allow normal routines of the household to go unhindered.

An experienced Architectural Security Risk Manager (SRM) will carry out an initial physical and architectural risk analysis. Once recommendations are agreed and implemented the RST will carry out their duties under your direction with the minimum disruption to family life.

A non-exhaustible list would include some of the following:
Outer, Intermediate, Inner and Personal Cordons will be identified and secured
Access points as well as natural protection upgraded and monitored. Manned 24 Hrs by guards
Deliveries and Visitors screened and vetted
Telephone calls and mail intercepted as required
Immediate action drills devised and implemented in case of attack, medical situations, fire etc
Escape or Lock down procedures planned, practised and continually revised
All domestic household staff fully briefed and trained on procedures in case of emergency
Constant surveillance of the property using technology coupled with a physical presence. Such as CCTV, ground sensors, foot patrols, drones
All directed from a secure functioning control room

Asset Protection & Transportation

For this unique task you would have at your disposal highly trained Executive Close Protection & Intelligence Field Officers with extensive experience in asset movement & protection.

Able to operate internationally either overtly in conjunction with national police and security services. Or, covertly, discreetly protecting and transporting your valuable item(s) securely to the destination with minimum disruption.

Previous tasks have been as diverse as Asset Protection for the Royal Family 'Crown Jewels', implementation of $50,000,000 of new currency into each and every particular Middle Eastern bank. To, movement of precious artefacts and jewellery, and safe transportation of documents and supercars worldwide...

Tailoring a service specifically to your personal requirements, either fully integrating with your 'in house', or supplying our own vehicles and executive chauffeurs.

The service extends to initial reconnaissance of venues, planning routes, advising on vehicle choice and coordinating all the logistics applicable to your trip.

Any make, type and size of luxury saloon, exotic sports', 4x4 SUV and MPV can be sourced (including armoured variants). Please see examples below.

Our primary aim is that you arrive at your destination safely, comfortably and suitably refreshed.

With many years spent in specialist 'Intelligence' units; investigation, surveillance and counter surveillance can be performed at the wish of the client, or as an extra level to security instigated by the Close Protection remit.

This can take the form of property/vehicle/area searches using a mix of physical as well as technological means.

For example, investigation, surveillance and counter surveillance of individuals or groups that could, or have cause to potentially threaten or harm you, your family or business interests.