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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


At HRCentral, we are firm believers in the personal approach. When working with us, you will always speak to a real person who will make it their mission to get to know your company inside and out. With over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, we will guide you through any issues you may have, or develop processes to reduce the risks.


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4 January 2019

I am about to expand my business, take on more staff but before I do, I shall seek advice and help From Rebecca and her team to avoid any pitfalls before they start. I have worked with Rebecca for 12 months now and her integrity and professionalism is second to none. I would have no reservations in recommending HR Central services. More...

4 January 2019

I can't say enough good things about HR Central. Becca and her team have given us such great advice in recent months and they seem to everything in an area that seems to always be changing. I highly recommend them.

2 January 2019

The team at HRCentral are EXCELLENT! Regarding HR and resolving employment, recruitment issues or preventing them before they become an issue - there is no one that compares. Rebecca has provided us with invaluable advice and support - saving us thousands of pounds and countless hours of worry. More...

7 June 2018

We first encountered HR Central when we set up our Beauty business and the service was flawless, very professional, knowledgable with an insight which is second to none.

Every HR need was covered from sourcing staff, setting up staff manuals and contracts, if you need help with forming a HR Operation then this is the place to start.

Tony Virgo-Harris
Virgo Beauty Ltd

29 May 2018

I would strongly recommend using this company for all of your HR needs. I have personally experienced a very professional, competent and accurate service throughout my time using them. I feel completely confident that whatever advice they give me is the correct advice across all areas covered under the HR umbrella. More...

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The variety, no two SME are the same. We work alongside the decision makers in each of our client organisations to deliver legally compliant, pragmatic solutions. We are genuinely passionate about what we do, our testimonials on our website speak for themselves.

I wanted to share our wealth of experience with SME organisations that did not have a dedicated HR department. We get our job satisfaction from filling your vacancies and resolving your HR situations, whatever they may be.

Our Guarantee To You:
You will deal with a real person
They will personally get to know your company
The service will be flexible and tailored to your company
The service will be professional, honest and reliable
We will get you the best outcome for any HR situation that may arise



If you want to retain your employees and ensure your customers have consistent service provision, you need to adopt the best practice approach within the business. You may have had an HR related problem or issue and need to ensure that you are not prone to this again. Tribunals and issues with employee relations are expensive, not only in monetary terms but in time spent away from running your business.

As a business owner or senior decision maker within the business, it’s fair to say that you perhaps ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. We will identify areas of concern and work with you to ensure you are legally compliant and viewed by your team as a ‘good and fair employer’.

Our HR audits, carried out on site, will examine and evaluate your current working practice. HRCentral has honed our audit process over many years and across numerous industries and clients.

Require a GDPR compliant, simpler, cost-effective recruitment solution? We offer an alternative to the traditional specialist agencies with competitive and time-saving advantages through an automated recruitment process.
No vacancy is too big or too small, we have experience in a variety of sectors from Accountancy to Zoology; we have experience of recruiting for a variety of roles from junior roles through to Board level positions. Every vacancy is given the same level of urgency and importance and our undivided attention, we work tirelessly until the vacancy is filled.

The difference?

We charge by the hour. No expensive ‘percentages’ of salary, you get access to all the applicants through your own branded applicant tracking system and more importantly, each role is project managed by tenacious, CIPD qualified professionals who understand the importance of the candidate experience. Good candidates are in short supply, we help you identify and attract the right applicant to help you grow your business.

All candidates are screened by us, Hiring Managers will receive interview notes for all shortlisted applicants.

As a company, you will have an idea of the skill set you require and how you want employees to behave.
You may already have an employee who is an ambassador of how you want others to behave. How do you replicate those attributes? Adding to your team can upset the equilibrium and be disruptive if the necessary behaviours and the required skill set are not given due consideration. This all takes time away from the operation of the business.

Documenting your Human Resources processes provides employees with clear written instructions on ‘how we do things here’.
Without these documented practices, all routine issues turn into exceptions. Bespoke HR policies, procedures and handbooks ensure that your people – one of your most important and expensive resources – understand the framework that governs their employment.

Your employees are the best and most expensive asset of your organisation.
To ensure you get the best from your people and a good return on your investment, it’s important to have processes for monitoring and measuring performance.

Are there employees within your business who could be working more efficiently, or who are underperforming?

Is there a disruptive employee that needs to be realigned with your business needs?

Is your business expanding or contracting? Either scenario can cause HR related issues.
Are you acquiring another business? Are you downsizing or changing direction and need to let some people go? Maybe you’re moving offices and need to communicate these changes.

Change is often positive, but never without issues.

We are proud to partner with BreatheHR – developers of an easy to use HR software designed specifically for SMEs.
We believe the success of your company is based on managing your employees, not from managing their personal files and storing reams of paper. Focusing on simplicity and ease of use, our HRIS is a cloud based HR software solution designed to calm the chaos, so you have more time to manage your business.

Cumbersome systems are officially a thing of the past. Now, with our HRIS, you can keep all your HR information in one place. By automating those time-consuming HR Admin tasks, the management of your HR administration function will be transformed.