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My name is Hollie and I am a certified life coach dedicated to helping women feel empowered through the ever changing roles we play. We all know that women are the ultimate jugglers! I specialise in anxiety and stress management, this means we will achieve goals whilst creating more balance in your life.



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I believe being a life coach is all about helping others - perhaps that is not a skill that comes naturally to others, fortunately it does for me. I understand that every ones position in life is unique - I find it interesting and extremely humbling that my role as a life coach, invites me to understand your world. I have always enjoyed not just watching people grow and transform, but to aid them and support them during that process. I truly believe, that everybody can do, whatever they want with their life. Life coaching enables me to let other people believe in themselves, as much as I do.

I was very fortunate to grow up in a household where my mother had her own business. She had the flexibility to put on her 'mum hat' whenever she had to, but to also grab those hair dressing scissors and help her clients feel both beautiful on the outside (and often on the inside after in-depth chats and supporting them through whatever life had chucked at them).

If someone chooses me - I can guarantee that you will be hiring someone that has the ability to perhaps care too much! Whenever going for a job interview, if ever I have been asked what my weaknesses are, it's exactly that. I careeeee! I have actually had to adapt my own teachings when becoming a life coach to create a work / life balance - techniques I have to work on every single day.

In all seriousness though - If clients choose me, they will not only be hiring someone with passion and enthusiasm - but you'll be hiring your biggest cheerleader in life.