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clydebank, west Dumbartonshire, Glasgow , West Dumbartonshire

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‘15 Certificate of Excellence, 2015


Holistic Fitness Scotland integrates a holistic approach to your training. We offer exercise classes, personal training, stress management, visualisation and various massage therapies.

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Most can relate to these 7 issues when trying to loose weight, or incorporate a more healthier lifestyle.
(1) Setting unrealistic goals
(2) Eating emotionally
(3) Hating yourself
(4) Failing to nourish your body
(5) Searching endlessly for quick fixes
(6) Making weight loss the ultimate goal
(7) Underlying psychological issues

When you are struggling with these issues you could look at food and gain weight. This is not your fault. Investigating these underlying causes of stubborn weight loss resistance gives people answers to their years of struggle. When you finally find out these root issues they can then be addressed.

Holistic Fitness Scotland are interested in engaging and developing the whole person by integrating a holistic approach to your training, we therefore not only focus on your physical health but your emotional,mental and spiritual side also. This has the potential to enhance exercise adherence and gain optimum results.

I love having the ability to change people's lives for the better

After struggling with my own weight issues. I decided to train in the fitness industry and help others reach their goals. I'm so passionate about helping others that if I could afford to do it free I would :)

I'm passionate, motivating and have struggled with my own weight issues, enabling me to understand the difficulties you may be having :)