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Dealing with a divorce, a child custody matter, or any area of family law in Mesa, AZ? The attorneys at Hogle Family Law are here to fight for your family.

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24 May 2019

I used this lawyer for my divorce. They were great. I got everything I wanted in my divorce and child custody agreement.

27 April 2019

I needed to hire a family law attorney in Mesa for my pending divorce. I initially tried to handle my divorce by myself because my spouse and I were agreeing on child custody and working out all our debts. After a little over 3 weeks after we separated things started to get nasty. So I began to look for a divorce attorney near my work in Mesa AZ. I was glad to have found a lawyer that would work with my finances and work hard on getting me the child custody and parenting plan that I wanted. All the staff were great at working from start to finish. Highly recommend them!! More...

26 February 2019

Great group of lawyers. I ended up not hiring any attorney for my case, but they did give me some great advice and I appreciate their time. They are super genuine and down to earth. More...

26 February 2019

I found out my spouse was unfaithful and was being dishonest with the family finances. So I began the process of finding the right divorce attorney. I was concerned about current and future finances, time with my children and being able to get back on my feet after nearly 20 years of marriage. My ex really didn't give a fight and I was able to get the child custody that I wanted and the spousal support that I requested. There were some issues with the debt and how that would all be sorted out. My lawyer helped work this all out we were able to come to an agreement on the debt and the child support. Overall, I am glad that I had the support I did from my attorney and the law firm staff. They were fantastic to work with. More...

27 January 2019

Getting divorced has totally sucked for me. I never wanted this and I never wanted to the pain and frustration with the entire process. I was told by my now ex-spouse that they were done with the marriage and that we needed to get a divorce. I was told there was no need fighting or getting a divorce lawyer for either of us. I was told to sign divorce papers. Before I did I sat down with my attorney. I was shocked about what was about to happen. Because I was so blindsided by the divorce I didn't realize that I needed to ask more questions and really look at things for my best future. I got such a good outcome. Don't get me wrong, the entire emotional process sucked but I was glad I had the legal support of a team of lawyers that was looking out for my best interests when I couldn't see them clearly. More...

28 December 2018

A couple years ago I found my wife cheating on me. I hadn’t been perfect in our marriage so I tried to get us to work on our marriage. Less than a month later I was served with divorce papers and I began my hunt for a divorce attorney. I now ex-wife was trying to get the family law judge to give her full child custody or our 3 kids. She wa ms doing this simply so I would have to pay more in child support. I had a fight ahead of me and I needed the best divorce lawyer to help my with my divorce fight. The entire process was emotional an took longer than I had thought. I am glad that I had hired the best family law attorney and team to help me through the process. I ended up getting 50% child custody and state min child support and I didn’t have to pay any spousal maintenance. I am so happy with my results and how the entire team of lawyers worked for me. More...

29 October 2018

My story… I had a long-term marriage and a financially complex divorce. Because of my divorce attorneys work and despite my ex’s best efforts, I received a fantastic settlement and I am so very pleased with the outcome of my divorce. I had lost hope and one day I was served divorce papers from my ex. I was threatened and told I wouldn’t see our kids and get nothing because I had been a stay-at-home mom for over 17 years. My ex had taken control of all the cash, bank accounts and left me virtually powerless. I met with them late one evening, they were cheerful despite the unusual meeting time. I brought a girl-friend with me to provide me her opinion. We were both so impressed and knew almost instantly this law firm was the one to hire. They thwarted all my ex’s efforts to control and steer the divorce process to his advantage. My ex’s lawyer is a well-known and respected attorney in the Mesa area. That lawyer and his law firm tried all sorts of legal maneuvers that might set a lesser lawyer back on his heels. Divorce was a low point in my life. It was hard to get through it without regrets. I couldn’t have made it through so well without my lawyer and his amazing staff. They were my rock to rely on, a real professional at what they do. More...

29 October 2018

I didn’t have any real emotional problem or issues with my divorce. I can’t really say that about the child custody side of things. Staying emotionally sturdy through the child custody batter I found to be super difficult. The thought of failing to protect my kids, and losing my ability to provide them with what they need to succeed in life has been incredibly exhausting. My divorce lawyer really helped me to keep putting one foot in front of the other through what turned into a long battle because my ex wanted a 50/50 parenting plan so she could get out of paying any kind of support. I knew this was going to be an issue and I knew this would have been very bad for the kids. My team of lawyers protected my kids with every tool at their disposal and it's made such a difference. I suggest you give them a call like I did. More...

29 September 2018

I thought I could save money and get divorced cheaply, because my now ex-wife and I agreed on everything and so we hired a flat fee attorney to do the paperwork for the divorce. What could go wrong.... Well people change and we didn't really have a solid "Parenting Plan" (learned the hard way here)For the last year I have had issues with seeing my children and my parenting time. I've been threatened, harassed and lies have been told to my kids.If you are like me and have a child custody issue, then you know there isn't much more in life as important as focusing on what's best for your kids. I finally after a little over two months of working with my team of attorneys at Hogle Family Law I have been able to get time with children. The entire team was looking out for me every step of the way. I felt they never backed down and were constantly applying pressure on my ex-wife's attorney. I am very thankful for everyone of them. More...

27 May 2018

When you are looking for a good divorce attorney there are so many things to watch out for. There are so many divorce lawyers that are crafty when I comes to figuring out a way to maximize the hours they bill on your case (hourly bill) or the least amount of work to finish your case (flat fee). This law firm in my opinion (from experience) will always do what’s right for their clients. More...

1 March 2017

As a single father, the system can feel stacked against you. All the attorneys and paralegals in this office did a great job for me, and in spite of my complicated move-away custody case, in the end I was awarded sole physical custody of my nine year old son. They had a detailed approach to the legal arguments and case law, which our judge found to be useful and ultimately persuasive, and also made sure to incorporate the personal information that made my case (and I'm sure every case is) unique, giving me the comfort that everything that could be done, was being done, and giving the judge the best possible information for making a good decision. Also, they were up front about estimated costs, and they didn't quarter and dollar me with extra charges. More...

24 February 2017

My attorney was Mr. Hogle, and Jacqueline Parker. They both worked together and fast to get my daughter back to me where she is safe and prosperous environment. Both attorney's really care about the injustices that exist in the family law system in Arizona. If you’re a father and are trying to get your children back these are the lawyers you NEED! More...

3 February 2017

I strongly recommend this team of lawyers. I ended up on going through with a divorce. Mr. Hogle was upfront and honest during my divorce consultation. He suggested I explore all other options before considering divorce and recommended a marriage counselor. Other attorneys and law firms I consulted with were just interested in getting me to go through with the divorced. I felt attorney Hogle was truly interested in my well-being and not just generating more business. It was three months later that things will work out. Many thanks, God bless you and your team. More...

15 November 2016

I did not ultimately hire Hogle family law or any divorce attorney for that matter. They were very generous and spent more than an hour in advising me on the best approach for my divorce. He seemed to have a sincere interest in me pursuing the best strategy and not wasting my time and money. Because of the advice I was received I was able to convince my ex-spouse that file the divorce out of court and without lawyers. More...

10 November 2016

Becky was great to work with during my loooong divorce process. Once I sat down with Becky to discuss the situation with my now ex, I felt right at ease, and probably cried most of the time. I could tell that Becky knew what I was going through because she personally had been in my situation. She had my back and kept in the loop every step of the way. I especially like that I was encouraged to settle before my case went before the judge so that I could save money, and time. I pray that I will never need a divorce attorney again, but if I do now have a friend that I know where to go to. More...