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Update till Dec 2nd 2020
We have suspended our non essential massage treatments and beauty services for the moment.You can still book essential remedial services including osteopathy, physiotherapy, Sports/Deep Tissue massage and outdoor fitness to support your health.


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23 July 2020

Very attentive, relaxed almost immediately. Sophie is knowledgeable and took care of me from head to toe! Highly recommended

Awww thank you so much!It was so nice to meet you and hopefully see you soon 😀💆‍♀️

14 July 2020

A memorable 2 hour with this massage therapist! She is one of a kind ~ honest, professional & knowledgeable. She is thorough with attention to detail. Nothing is too difficult for her; she ensures that you receive a great experience and refunds if this is not achieved.

I would highly recommend this therapist to even the most “hard to please” customer 😊

Thank you so much what a lovely review. You are a wonderful client and Lady.

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It’s key
You can heal with a great food regime and diet as natural n no side effects!

A happy client /corporate company that recommends and returns for more treatments.

I had a massage i paid a substantial amount of money for which hurt and i would never return again to that salon.I also wanted it from home and couldnt find a therapist who delivered a high end,bespoke,professional treatment with care and attention.
Delivery is key.
Doing exactly what the clients wants and needs everytime is important as paying for the treatment!
I enjoy hearing great reviews of the work done and would like the Business to expand more with a vast array of clients and want to continue to study more up to date treatments so always engaging in correct,appropriate procedures so my clients are so relaxed and content everytime.
Professionalism with luxury treatments is key.
Dream is to open my own large salons in Essex and London...mobile is the service at present to your home,office,event,party,festival,wedding,care home,hospital,studio,holiday etc

Clients are extremely pleased with the results and praise the work which is appreciated.
'Magic hands' is a motto many use
Clients of all ages are content with all of the treaments and have reasonable prices.
Can do online work also.


Massage therapies
Basic and Luxury
Full body massage
Neck and back massage
Head massage
Swedish massage
Deep Tissue
Tantra n Energy Massages
Hot/Cold stone massages.
Pre natal,Sports,Elderly and Ill patient specialist Massages
Baby Massage
and more.

Natural remedy that promotes the body to heal itself working on the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual planes.
Tantra,Energy n other Detox Massages.
Allergy testing.
Food sensitivity testing

Reflexology is done by boosting the immune system and encouraging the elimination of toxins which can lead to ill health.
It does not profess to cure or diagnose but instead relaxes tension,improves nerve and blood supply restoring balance to the body.

Eye brows n eye lashes.
Facial line softening
Facial Yoga
Baby yoga and massages
Hydro facials.
Gel nails(mani & pedi)
Wardrobe detox
Home detox
Make up
Life coaching
Non surgical treatments and more.

Make overs
Profiling,genre and signature look
Wardrobe and Home detox
Make up
Personal shopper
Nutrition and more.

Improve your self esteem,confidence and can link up with life coaching if needed for better Longterm results.

Cater for all events from festivals,private home,weddings,Birthday parties,film events,celebrations n more