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Energy Healing, Barbara Brennan Healing Science and Homeopathy for Devon in Totnes, Plymouth, Exeter - and worldwide by Skype. Healing and teaching for 30 years.

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15 February 2020

very good. Homoeopathic school i like

23 July 2018

Marc is a very knowledgeable homeopath and healer. He has helped me through significant transformations in my life and has always advised me with integrity and respect. Agnies Calkoen, GP

23 July 2018

I started seeing Marc for homeopathy advice and energy healing in March 2017. Marc's understanding and advice around the issues I have been experiencing have been profound. I consistently felt energised and encouraged following our sessions. Thank you Marc. More...

23 July 2018

Marc has been one of my teacher in healing and guide in deep transformational session. I will be always grateful for the presence and the pure connection. Great gift for my life and my soul having meet him. More...

23 July 2018

I had 3 sessions with Marc each beginning with a chat around how I feel and what I need, following by the healing session.
I found the initial talking very very helpful to understand my pain better. Marc was very good in asking deep questions and in leading me to feel what I have not felt before.
After the healing session, he would share his experience through email which was again very helpful for me in order to connect to different parts of my body and becoming more sensitive to energy.
I enjoyed having these sessions with Marc and would like to do some more.

23 July 2018

Marc has been really welcoming & an integral part of my healing journey. The remedies have been successful and I have every faith in the important work Marc provides. I would absolutely recommend him.