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"In my experience Susie's work is much broader and deeper than working with a traditional counsellor. One of Susie's healing sessions is more like 4 or 5 counselling sessions!" Maria, 33

Heal with Susie offers counselling with a deeply healing difference.

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18 July 2017

Susie brings together numerous techniques from a range of therapeutic disciplines as well as her own, to facilitate a gentle and transformative client-led healing session.

The Healing Experience:
Working with my own physical impulses as signposts to emotional trauma and distress, I was soothed and empowered through: relaxation, conversation, and exercises in visualisation, all of which served to unlock tension and bring healing to parts that had, through trauma and depression, become ‘no access zones’ within me.
Unlike the Verbal therapies- in which I would find myself go around in circles, becoming disorientated as well as frustrated with the sound of my own voice - sessions with Susie focused on working intuitively with feelings and sensations, eyes closed and comfortable; this I found to be so much more effective.

My Story:
It had been 12 years of struggle, initially brought about by an abusive relationship with a Narcissistic individual. For the first 8 years of raising 2 children and silently battling with moderate depression, the feeling was that I could just about cope. The subsequent 4 years of deep depression, coupled with ensuing stomach problems led to the realisation: this ship is sinking, I can no longer handle this on my own!

Session 1:
After the first session, the locked and blocked sensations around my throat had all but gone. I was able to return to a more varied diet; felt more lively and energetic than I had for years; was more in touch with my self and my needs, and felt better able to be assertive in voicing my thoughts and opinions.The mind-fog of depression was clearing and hints of old familiar personality traits and the impulse to enjoy life§, began to reappear.

Session 2:
After the second session with Susie, I was able to feel more grounded and secure in myself. I had, in the 2 hour session, developed a strengthened sense of entitlement to personal boundaries; a new way to look at and experience anger; and a better understanding of the distinction between what was me and ‘not me’ (social influences). My day-to-day inner-dialogue was becoming more upbeat and positive, kinder and more compassionate; relationships we taking on a more light-hearted feel; and decision-making was becoming an easier process.

For people who feel that it would be too scary, risky or damaging to open-up and enter into the healing process, I can honestly say that you could be surprised at just how much happier and healthier you can become, and potentially in such a short-time.
With a willingness to heal comes great power and possibility, to take that first step is the hardest, but I believe that the benefits continue for years to come.
With depression can come a loss of hope and belief in self and others, but with the support of a good healing practitioner you can work miracles, and rebuild even the most unreachable and broken parts.


"I felt empowered knowing that I could deal with the single most terrifying incident of my whole life. Susie showed me I was strong enough to heal it. That was so powerful, really a life-changer." Jamie, 39

I love seeing the often miraculous transformation in my clients. It gives me such joy to witness the huge shifts that can happen for people emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically within just a few sessions. I find it a great privilege that clients trust me enough to take them deeper into themselves than they have ever been before usually and I love that I can trust that whatever is going on inside them is going to show us the way; I don't have to have the answers - they've got them all there inside them.

"Susie is one of the most gifted listeners  and healers I know. I feel that Susie has a depth of being, experience, knowledge and skill that is truly wonderful and I have found working with her enlightening, enlivening, enriching and deeply moving." Lucy, 37

I am naturally an empathetic and compassionate person who like most people has had tough things to deal with in the past. Over the years I have learned many skills to deeply heal (on an emotional, mental and cellular level), my own challenges, adult-life stresses and childhood traumas. It was natural for me to want to share all my hard-won wisdom, emotional intelligence and healing tools and techniques with others which is why I set up my own private practice in 2010. I knew that I had a lot to offer people that could empower them to be free from the negative impacts of past traumas, current stressful thinking and emotionally challenging situations. The way I work is both unique and powerful, giving people the tools to free themselves.

"My first session with Susie was absolutely incredible. I had no idea that I was carrying unexpressed grief from when I was 13 that was affecting my life. Susie gently took me to these memories and unexpressed emotions and quite profoundly healed them."

I have many years of experience of working with hundreds of individual clients and couples and together successfully healing huge past traumas, current struggles and indecision about the future such as: childhood sexual and violent abuse, bullying, childhood loss and grief, birth trauma, sexual assault, military combat, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), depression and anxiety, stress, post-natal depression, the struggles of marriage and parenthood, relationship difficulties, domestic abuse, fertility issues, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, anger, grief, shame, body-image, self-esteem, decision-making, self-criticism, and many more.

Where I am different to other counsellors is that you will likely have more genuine healing shifts in your emotions and thinking in a handful of sessions of us working together than you would in perhaps months of more traditional, "talk-only", counselling. The power of your subconscious is amazing and the deeper way I work right from the first few minutes of your first session takes you there gently, easily and more quickly than if we were simply talking together. I offer your first 90 minute session for free so that you can experience for yourself my way of working before you decide to make the financial commitment to yourself that counselling requires.