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Hanna Hashim



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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Hanna Hashim is a life coach assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to identify a passion-driven niche to create a sustainable and profitable online business.

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3 July 2019

Hanna teaches the Law of Attraction to enable coaching clients to identify limiting beliefs, lack mentalities and behaviours holding them from happiness and their higher purpose.


Empowering others to self discovery and believing in their abilities as well as healing the areas in their lives that are blocking them from living an abundant life filled with unlimited joy, happiness, wealth and health. Sharing the tools and strategies to be able to deal with life adversities and daily stress and anxieties.

Having lived a life where negativity seemed the only option, I found an alternative that makes my life fulfilling, abundant in joy and happiness. I want to share these tools and techniques with others so we all can enjoy a true unlimited abundance in all aspects of our lives.

Do you feel life is unfair to you? Do you feel resentful towards people who have it easy? Have you tried all possible avenues and failed at your goals? Do you need help with strategizing and planning adequately for that dream life? Are you looking for support and motivation? Then look no further, come and let’s have a heart to heart conversation today.

My name is Hanna and I am a tested and undoubtedly trusted life coach. These past few years of mine have been dedicated to rediscovering myself and embarking on an unending healing path from past wounds. My life was a raging sea in times past, so it is safe to say I have had my share of life’s troubles and navigated my way through to overcoming. In my dark times, I yielded to ton loads of therapeutic sessions and faith in the Universe but it was not enough. I pulled through my trials soon enough but still got stuck in a bad place where I was overwhelmed with stress and anxiety trying to navigate my way to the next step. At this point, I started doing in-depth analysis on life related texts and guiding principles but still to no avail. Eventually I got in touch with a life coach and everything switched up in no time. Today I am on a self discovered path, constantly healing and learning, and helping others navigate through obstacles into self empowerment.

There is an infinite number of opportunities out there in the world for everyone to fit in. Through various tools I will introduce you to during our sessions, you will be empowered with an aura of self confidence radiating positivity and love in a world of constant pressure and hindrances.
You get to become the architect of your life by embracing life lessons you have experienced and harnessing the wisdom acquired from these situations to shape your dreams. I will instruct and enlighten you how to apply the principles of the Laws of Attraction and Ho’oponopono to your lives and become a force to be reckoned with in any field of life.

Our past experiences and trials should not only scar and mar us but rather propel us to charge back at life with a matured grounding on its affairs. Life is as easy as you want it to be and it is up to us to make that choice or it would be made for us. We all have hidden passions we would love to pursue yet are scared to take that first step. As the saying goes, “you never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone”. So, take that step today and create your life to the world’s astonishment.

To acquire soft skills and savoir faire with a self-assured confidence that will help you maneuver your way through any challenge in life, come and get the help you have long consciously or unconsciously needed with highly effective tools at your disposal. No goal is overwhelming or unattainable, you just need effective assessment and formulated strategies as steppingstones to conquering the world. You are all you need to be the best version of yourself, and I am one beep away from assisting you.
I invite you to visit my website: https://hannahashim.com/ to learn more about me and what coaching is. If you feel I am a suitable person to help you along your journey, please book a free no obligation discovery session so we can discuss your goals and how we can work together. Here is the link for your convenience: https://hannahashim.com/life-coaching/.
Looking forward to assisting you on your journey to an abundant life.
Your coach
Hanna Hashim


Having a well-defined niche is absolutely essential and crucial when starting out as an online entrepreneur.
Without this piece of the puzzle, you can’t really say you have a sustainable and profitable business. As you only place your business on luck, not a strategy. Having that 1:1 conversation with another person helps you to go deeper and look for the talents that one does not recognize are there. That’s ME! And I love it.
Still, struggling to find that spark? Get in touch today!