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Green Tree Therapy provides therapy that works.

Modern, effective evidence-based Solution Focused Brief Therapy and/or modern Clinical Hypnotherapy that can offer you the bright future you deserve, without dwelling on problems of the past.


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12 June 2020

So far Alex has been amazing. She is really welcoming and has made me feel at ease. I have also learned a lot about the brain and why I react in certain ways to certain situations. Looking forward to my next session and moving forward. More...

17 November 2019

I’d suffered with anxiety on & off for the past 8 years and tried various different methods to control and get rid of anxieties. I’ve tried CBT, therapy and medication and today after finishing my 6 sessions with Alex I can honestly say it’s the best I’ve felt for years! I would highly recommend this kind of therapy to help with anxiety & depression. It’s no “hippie,””someone wave a watch in front of your face kind of thing,” it’s really scientific. I can’t believe the NHS isn’t using this as a method to help tackle mental health problems in the UK. Alex is brilliant! She really explains to you what your brain is doing and why it’s doing what it’s doing to make you feel rubbish. She also explains how the therapy helps the brain and it completely makes sense. Coming out of each session I felt completely relaxed and happy! I looked forward to each session. I can’t thank Alex enough for what’s she’s done for me, and would recommend Alex to anyone who is struggling with mental health issues. More...

14 September 2019


22 August 2019

Until seeing Alex, I can't remember a time where I wouldn't walk into a room, scan it for spiders, scream and then burst into tears if there was a spider in there. Even the word spider used to make me feel anxious. Having a spider phobia stopped me from doing so many things I enjoyed. It made me feel less confident, less capable, anxious, stressed and definitely less happy in myself. I relied so heavily on others to help me. The I found Green Tree Hypnotherapy and what a positive impact Alex has had on my life. Alex's professional but friendly manner put me at ease and made the sessions very enjoyable. Alex explained the science behind why I felt the way I did. I felt reassured that a phobia I knew was irrational had some reasoning to it and that something could be done to help! Alex has not only helped me to overcome my spider phobia but since seeing Alex, I feel more confident, less anxious, happier and able to cope with lifes stresse. It felt like a massage for my brain, as if a reset button had been pressed and all the rubbish deleted. Since seeing Alex, I have had a number of spiders in my house and instead of finding someone to kill it, I can just let them be, which I think the spiders are rather pleased with too! I cannot recommend Alex enough, I only wish I had seen her sooner. Alex has improved my life in so many ways and provided me with the tools to continue to make positive changes to lead a happy life. More...

4 August 2019

The therapy is really positive and focusses on re-training your brain to deal with whatever is getting in the way. Alex is very welcoming and down to earth helping you to feel relaxed and confident with her approach.

4 August 2019

It doesn't matter what your issue is - go and see Alex. The therapy is so positive and focusses on re-training your brain to deal with whatever is getting in the way. Alex helped my daughter break down the anxiety she felt about bedtime and taught her self management techniques that she can apply going forward. The approach is down to earth, relaxing and effective! More...

11 July 2019

I contacted Green Tree for help to conquer my Anxiety and a phobia that I had suffered with for many years.
From my first appointment Alex was very professional, and her calming nature put me at ease. Thoroughly explaining the process.
I now have better coping strategy for Anxiety and a better knowledge of how to deal with negative thinking and have now dealt with my phobia.
Thank you Alex.


11 July 2019

I suffered from bouts of anxiety, stress & depression. I found it hard to function with daily tasks. Getting out of bed was sometimes a struggle. The sessions gave me the coping mechanisms to deal with life. I have since lost 1.5 stone and my confidence has increased massively. A huge thank you to Alex for her professional but friendly guidance More...

That’s great! Thank you so much for your lovely review.

9 February 2019

It was absolutely brilliant working with Alex. Its a lovely, relaxing environment and she managed to bring out the positive side of me that I’d lost in this crazy world we live in. At no point did I feel that my problems were weird or stupid. More...

30 January 2019

So simple, so nice and easy - and so completely life changing!! All those ridiculous day to day stresses that get on top of us just go away as a much broader, balanced and confident outlook on life emerges. And, you're so aware of the change that becomes the new you. In our fast-paced complicated modern lives everyone would benefit to varying degrees from this - nothing to lose, everything to gain! More...

13 January 2019

I feel like I can take on the world after visiting Alex at Green Tree Hypnotherapy. She is professional and made me feel at ease straight away. Life is significantly better since I met her. More...

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I absolutely love seeing people get happier! It is the best feeling in the world when I see clients growing in confidence and taking back control of their lives, or when they tell me about something wonderful they’ve achieved because of my help.
If I won the lottery tomorrow (which is unlikely...I don’t play it!) I’d still do this job.

I totally (and I really mean, totally!) lost my confidence horse riding after an accident.
I found Solution Focused Hypnotherapy after some research, and as well as sorting out my fear of horses it improved every area of my life: my relationships, my physical health (I lost weight and took up regular exercise) my NHS work, morning management session f day to day work/life stuff...everything!
That horse riding accident turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I’m really good at my job, I love doing it and am absolutely committed to helping my clients feel better and make lasting positive changes in their life.
I have worked in the NHS for a long time and fully understand the importance of evidence based, practical and effective therapy...this isn’t crystals and magic, or tea and sympathy...it really works.
I always offer a completely free initial consultation (You wouldn’t sign up for any kind of physical health care without fully understanding it, I think mental health and well-being should be the same) & there is no obligation to book any further appointments if you don’t feel my approach is right for you.