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Gamze Fackelmann is a serial entrepreneur. She's running 7 businesses - because she never settles for "I don't have time".

Her motto is "You only have the one life you live" and there is only one way to make the most of it: Make every second count by being planned, organized and productive.



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Time is our most valuable resource and you can never get it back. Still, most people don't use their time efficiently and basically waste their most precious asset.

By helping and teaching others how to use their time better, I can add value to their life on so many levels. People suddenly find time for their families, their passions, their health, their work,...
All that with the same 24hours a day that before was hardly enough for any of these.

Seeing the impact this has on people's lives makes this job incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

I massively struggled with time and time management myself for a long time and I've spent years on research and optimising myself and my use of time to end that vicious cycle.

I don't want other people to go through the same hardship, so I use all my findings and the Gamze Method to guide people on their way from time-poor to time-rich.

If you're interested in my personal story, I'm sharing it right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKzCyYRyUTg

Not only do I know exactly how they feel and what they struggle with, I'm also living proof that it does not have to be like that forever.

I found the "way out" (taking the long and rocky road) - and my clients will get the short-cut.

We'll use the Gamze Method to find the right tools and techniques to optimize the exact situation my clients are in. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to time management and productivity.
We will use a smart system based on the scientific approach to problem solving to find the right solutions together.

I'll teach the techniques and help with their application while being their accountabilitiy partner at the same time. It's incredible how much time you can free up quickly and I've yet to meet a client who was not perfectly satisfied with the results of our work together.


Gain back control over your time.
You will use the Gamze Method which helps you optimize your use of time. You will learn techniques that will help you get back in control of your days and have an accountability partner that keeps you on track.
You will use time as an asset and ultimately be able to live the life you want to live.

Let's free up hours and days together!

Imagine how successful you could be if only you didn't have too much to do to work towards this goal.
You found your solution. Let's boost your productivity to levels you did not know existed and use this boost to propel you towards success.

Most people feel trapped in their lives. They struggle through their days because their work load and other responsibilities have reached crushing levels.

What if they could see that there is a way out of this dreadful situation?

Let Gamze show them that it does not have to be that way and how she went from being disorganized and chronically late to being a hyper-productive and organized serial entrepreneur.

Her charisma and high energy level are captivating audiences big and small alike and nobody will leave her presentations without being excited about the new opportunities their lives have to offer.

Having a thoughtfully set routine can help you start your day right and also end it in a way that lets you sleep like a baby.
You can have these morning or evening routines, but also weekly and monthly ones. Any routine will help you structure your days better and increase your performance.

We can develop the right routines for your life together so you can get more out of your days and life a more fulfilled life.

Do you try to create new habits but get off track after a few attempts and then give up on them?
Do you feel like positive habits just don't stick to you?

It doesn't have to be like that. There are tricks and techniques you can use to make sure that positive habits are not lost on you anymore.

Let's work on your positive habits together and set realistic and ambitious goals to make you live a better life.

It's easy to get lost if you don't know where you're going.

One of the main reasons for wasting time is that people don't know what they want out of their life - and if they do, they often never really thought about how to get there.

Let's define SMART goals together and break down how to make sure that you're working towards those goals every day. Life Planning will help you see the bigger picture and define the steps you need to take to live the life of your dreams.

Time is the most valuable asset in the world.
There is only limited amounts for each of us and everyone has the exact same amount every day - and once it's gone, you can never get it back.

This fact shows the incredible importance of time management for each and every one of us.

The positive impact of correctly-applied time management, productivity and efficiency on our business and private lives is unbelievable.
However, far too many people just use the excuse "I'm too busy" without realizing that they might be wasting their precious time.

We need to open people's eyes for the importance of time and help them use and invest theirs better.