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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I qualified as a homeopath from the School of homeopathy where I received 4 years of intense training in classical homeopathy and I am a registered homeopath and a member of the Society of homeopaths. I am currently working on my diploma as a nutritionist.


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19 February 2020

As someone who has endured chronic anxiety for several decades and tried everything under the sun Yiota has been a true blessing. Having taken all the anti-anxiety drugs available nothing really worked and any that had a positive response at all (nothing of any great significance) the side effects were sometimes devastating including severe vertigo. Horrible, horrible, horrible! Hypno-therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, cognitive therapy nothing worked on any long-term foundation days was all I could expect. Homeopathy was frankly a bit of a last resort, most of the time previously I had tried various more “natural” methods to help control my anxiety including various combinations of vitamins and minerals, but Homeopathy, looked too complicated for me! However, thanks to a friend who had had experience of Yiota’s gift I got in touch and what a difference to seeing a doctor or any other “conventional therapist! I have been able to tell her everything even things I didn’t realise I knew! She really drills down to find a cause(es) of the debility. It is not a quick fix (although somethings can be immediate) for me as it is deeply rooted and it is my own habits that have become so ingrained that Yiota has helped me with, plus some other health issues at the same time. Sceptical? Sure I was but when I say that for the last year now , my anxiety and depression is under control and with no side effects and no recourse to medication (longest period ever of not having to revert) I am more than confident to recommend Yiota to anyone who wants help and is not getting the results form “convention”. She listens patiently and doesn’t judge, she asks questions and empathises, but at the same time explains all that she does in an easy to follow way. The value for money to me is priceless, I have spent thousands on private consultations over the years, but nothing has come anywhere near Yiota’s results. I could almost measure that in light years . I have learned a lot about the basis of homeopathy and whilst many will be cynical it will only be those (as usual) who haven’t actually tried it. My family has also benefited form Yiota’s help including my grandchildren, it is for everyone. If she can’t help you, she will tell you so you have nothing to lose! Heck you can even have a consultation over Skype, no need to travel. Thank you Yiota for giving me my life back. More...

23 January 2020

Fantastic homeopath, highly recommended, excellent treatments that have brought great results.

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Helping people achieve their life's potential free from suffering and pain

I experienced the miraculous benefits of Homeopathy as a patient and I wanted to share the gift of Homeopathy with the world. It amazes me that there are still people who don't use homeopathy in their everyday lives!

I am caring and compassionate always looking after my patients like they are my family

Yes, I offer zoom, skype calls. I have been working a lot on line recently and it works well for both the patient and me

I keep appointments at least 30 minutes apart when seeing people face to face and I offer on line consultations as well