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FuuZzi - Business solutions for parents
Helping Fathers and Mothers manage the business they have or want to create without losing their minds and manage their time, money and childcare.

Turn passion into the new business, turn your hobby into profit.

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The happy faces of my clients are their efforts that turned into happiness and put little sparks in their eyes.

I became fascinated with psychology at the age of 16 when I fell into severe depression and decided to heal myself by gaining knowledge about what had affected me. Of course, what remained in me was not the depression, but the knowledge. As you can guess, I didn't stop at exploring the human psyche in terms of the aforementioned depression but went further. You can see a lot under the mask, behind the eyes, and infer from apparent behaviours if you look closely. I also went to a comprehensive high school whose main subjects were psychology and sociology. I delved into these subjects and deepened them after school because I was fascinated by them.

I am a person with diverse knowledge from different professions, gained while working at the level of cleaner, cook, warehouseman, bartender, hotelier, coordinator, consultant and even above. And now a mom and business owner.

If you compare me to others, you will see that I have the tools and experience, not just theoretical knowledge, to help you create the life you dream of, regain your self-esteem as I did and improve your personal, business and life skills. I have a wealth of experience with the professional qualifications I needed to start FuuZzi, and in every way possible I can apply them to my business and someone else's business.

I was a single mom for several years, and when I was a single mom with a chronic illness it was much worse for 7 long years. I went to school, went to work, gained 45 kilos and lost 30 kilos and at the same time tried to chase my dreams. I was poor, I was lonely, I was alone in a foreign country with no family or friends. Sometimes it was better, sometimes worse, but now I know how hard it is when no one helps, so I help others. Some people only have qualifications, I have many more, which are called life experience and skills acquired through that.

- I am a person with proven experience in the vocational training and coaching industry. Specialist in sales and promotion, business and marketing. But also NLP, advertising, self-improvement, self-defence, psychology and life transformations.

- I provide a wide range of help in relationships, business development, advertising, time and money management, as well as improving the personal skills of people, their families and friends.

- I have a strong consulting specialist focused on business administration and management. And Level 2 certification in nutrition and health, which means that I can help you manage your diet better than you can now if you want.

I will gladly take up the challenge and solve your problems.

Personal, face to face, video calls and written consultations via the Internet, telephone, e-mail and any preferred applications of your choice.

What does this mean for you and your needs?
For example, if you are shy or don't have time for video calls, you can get help and advice during a writing consultation wherever you are.
People with hearing loss or deafness are also more than, welcome to book in.

Days & Nights time are ok for us to talk to.

Available anywhere & anytime via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, e-mail, Google Duo, Mobile phone and other apps.

Audio-video connections till late - until 2 am, for people with insomnia, too busy during the day, with depression, and night workers.

You can stay anonymous - we don't share any pieces of information about you, your friends/family and the company.

Contact is also available through written conversation for fearful shy, defensive, introverts, parents and those who have no time or just prefer to write

You can choose how long you want to talk or write.

You will receive professional help and advice to help you, your family and/or friends. As well as for yours and their companies. Solutions, tools, practical support, information, contacts - it depends on you and your situation.


Family coaching sessions are designed to provide families with the tools and techniques to resolve conflicts, manage time and finances better, search for compromises and transform a difficult living situation into a comfortable one.

Consultations for spouses, couples, as well as for people looking for love. Tips for relationships, sharing parenting responsibilities, and tips to help each party adopt the solution, take appropriate steps, and adopt a change-oriented approach.

Solution-oriented career counselling, which includes jobs research, making career choices, managing career change, lifelong career development, improving CVs, and solving other career-related issues.

Any problem can be solved, and every dream can become true if you have the right help. Consultation is equal to improving the skills of such as:

- Ways of conflict resolution, problems and errors in communication.
- Focusing on personal development.
- Improving self-confidence& self-esteem.
- Learning to create better relationships.
- How to balance personal and family life.
- Self-improvement skills
- Time and money management.
- Skills to set, plan and achieve your goals.

Acquiring new customers and solving current and past problems. Setting up a new company and do advertising it by advertising tailored to your business needs. Time and money management skills improvement and how to attract new customers skill.

If you feel that the life of your own or someone close to you could be better than it is now, sends me a message giving your name or nickname and a brief description of what you are worried about. This is how we start the troubleshooting process ... help yourself without sharing personal or sensitive information.

Advertisements that can be prepared and tailored to your business needs, for self-employed people, small business owners and other career-oriented people. The advertising is part of the Business Coaching session and will be prepared with you in 2 sessions and will be ready to be posted on your website, Instagram or any other chosen by you 2 weeks after.

Video introductions, ads, Facebook cover video, YouTube cover, announcements, business cards, leaf's, invitations and many other.

Each of us has moments of sadness, as well as longer and shorter times when sadness and pain are our constant companions.

Remember that a written conversation can be much easier than talking about a problem, so describe your problem and we find the best solution or refer you to someone who can help.