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Quite simply we help businesses succeed!

We are experts at raising cash and improving businesses from every angle so that they start to generate substantial profits and cash for the owners.

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31 customer reviews

21 September 2021

We met FN in July. They helped us to get our deck together in August. We got an offer of a million-pound investment in September. Delighted!

1 July 2021

Steve at Funding Nav was able to help me improve my pitch materials and come up with a successful fundraising strategy.

29 April 2021

Before speaking to Funding Nav I hadn't heard of venture debt. Now we have two lines to cover off our impending grant and our forecast SaaS income. Lifesaver!

15 April 2021

Very useful and helped us to resolve our issues

15 April 2021

Extremely helpful funding advice.

15 April 2021

We saved over £3k per month using the new facilities Funding Nav negotiated for us.

15 April 2021

FN identified and helped us access a Smart Grant

15 April 2021

Successful CBILS application, good process.

15 April 2021

Funding Nav managed to get us several CBILS loans before the deadline when we had been turned down by other lenders.

18 March 2021

We needed to raise £500k. We paid Funding Nav £5k, they made some introductions. A VC invested the whole amount. We paid another 5% upon receipt of the cash. No complaints!

4 March 2021

Funding Nav was able to advise both a viable alternative to our normal high street operation that kept things ticking over while they renegotiated a series of pandemic unfriendly commitments that were unsustainable.

11 February 2021

We found the team at Funding Nav knowledgeable and friendly. They arranged several conversations with potential investors within the first ten days and we tied up the round in six weeks. Thanks FN

31 January 2021

The live performing industries have been very badly impacted by the lockdown. Most of our artists have been really struggling and that had created cashflow problems within our business. Frustratingly we were unable to realise much help from the government outside of furlow. Funding Nav were able to help us in several ways which not only provides the cash we need to get through to the other side but also a strategy and the means to be a much better business in the future. Highly recommend! More...

16 January 2021

The guys at Funding Nav were able to assess the profit growth opportunities in the business and then to deliver us the additional funding that we needed.

5 January 2021

Thanks, guys, you really helped us get out of a hole.

3 January 2021

Efficient and good value. Thanks, guys.

14 December 2020

The guys at funding nav helped me to focus on which element of my business was most investable and then to rewrite my pitch to reflect that. It worked well. Thanks.

11 December 2020

Funding Nav does what it says on the tin.

2 December 2020

Not much happened for the first few weeks then we got four meetings in two days and two invested.
After that things picked up and we closed the round in three months.

25 November 2020

I thought initially that Stephen was very rude when he tore my plan apart but actually he did me a favour. He helped me to reconstruct our deck which was then so much easier to fund. Well done Stephen but maybe go a bit easier in the future. More...

21 November 2020

We struggled to get ourselves a loan to buy stock for the Black Friday rush but Funding Nav was efficient and actually over-delivered on their promise.
Highly recommend these guys.

20 November 2020

Do not even think to give £1 to these people. They first tell you how easy is for a company like yours to raise funds, after I paid £5K + VAT in advance for creating documentations they didn’t create anything, asked to one lender who lend you money only if you have a £10K monthly revenue, to tell you then that your company is not ready as it needs more time in business unless you have a property to secure the debt (to earn then 5% of what will be raised on top). Now I sued them to action fraud and I am not going to stop until they give my money back. More...

Funding Nav

Reply from Funding Nav

We did all that we could to advise you about how you could achieve your goal. It is a shame that you broke the contract as we were starting to make some progress. We are really sorry that you feel so aggrieved.

30 May 2020

Very helpful guys, quick too. Impressive result. Thanks.

23 May 2020

Our fundraise had run out of steam due to COVID but Funding Nav got as back on track again and we closed the round within 6 weeks of appointing them.

1 May 2020

Really helpful advice. Thank you.

26 April 2020

Having been rejected for a CIBLS by our bank we asked FN to help us out. They managed to get us funded by an alternative and we now have an R&D claim going through that our accountant never advised us about too.

5 April 2020

Helped us negotiate a deal with lenders that will hopefully see us through the biggest challenge all of us have ever dealt with in business.

22 March 2020

Competent and professional. Recommended.

7 March 2020

After months of going round the houses with advisors who couldn't advise their way out of a paper bag my CFO contacted Stephen at Funding Nav.
He and his team quickly assessed our situation, agreed a plan and then had us meeting investors within a week.
I am pleased to say that enough of these meetings converted to get us on our way.
Great guys!

1 February 2020

I was initially skeptical that Funding Nav would be able to help us get the investment that we needed in order to pay down our debts and to make a small acquisition that would make an enormous difference to our business since we had been down this road repeatedly and our back was against the wall.
Within 2 weeks we started to have meetings with potential investors and within 4 weeks we had 3 concrete proposals. Stephen helped us to negotiate the best deal with one and to get the deal over the line.
Funding Nav literally saved our business. I can't recommend highly enough.

14 November 2019

I appointed Funding Nav as an expert consultant to help with our strategic direction and business development.

Unfortunately for us this has not had a positive outcome - we have no new strategic plan, no grants, no tax incentives, and no leads interested in our company following an ill-conceived LinkedIn campaign. I am embarrassed to admit that I thought Funding Nav genuinely wanted to add value and make sure I achieved a return on my investment (cc.£8,000) whatever it took.

I withheld the last invoice (£1,080) to try and make my point that Funding Nav had not delivered. Instead of acknowledging any failure on their part they simply chose to appoint a debt recovery firm to issue a Notice of Court Proceedings and ignored my emails and phone calls.

Funding Nav will be paid in full (including the professional fees and penalties), but it has made me much more cautious of how I engage 'experts' without a formal contract with service-level agreements.

I have never posted a negative review in my life only choosing to review companies with 5 star to help them, however, I thought others should be aware of my experience so that they may avoid making the same mistake I have made.


Taking the stress of business away from owners
Our process quickly shares the load of issues freeing you to start seeing the wood for the trees again

Over 30 years of starting, growing and selling businesses and the lack of sleep that induced

We aren't bankers or accountants nor do we probably have any experience in your field.
What we offer however is very commercial advice aimed at short cutting turnarounds and scale ups.
We get to the nub of the problem quickly, devise and agree a strategy and help with its implementation.