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Hi! I hope you will find everything you need to know here!  
I am currently fully booked in the mornings .

I am a Health and Fitness Coach (FCIMPSA) and Yoga Instructor (DIP) and Occupational Therapist (BSc) with over 25yrs experience in the Health and Fitness Industry.

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7 January 2021

Angi has been my personal trainer for some years now. She is wonderful. I am a bilateral below the knee amputee and I have no fingers. Angi has worked so hard with me. I am so much stronger and able. I can do standing exercises which, at the beginning I most definitely couldn’t. She adjusts exercises to suit me. She really helps me and I am so grateful to the friend who recommended her. I also thoroughly recommend her, More...

20 October 2020

Personal Trainers

I am a 63 year old woman and have been training with Angi Baskerville for over 6 months now - 3 x per week. Angi is extremely knowledgable about a wide range of fitness programmes and general diet and wellbeing. I have completely changed my relationship with my body since starting to work with her and feel overall much healthier and with improved mobility. Angi adapts each session according to how I am feeling (I am a diabetic) and we have progressed at a pace that has been manageable for me. She is very encouraging and our sessions are enjoyable - something I never thought I would say! I highly recommend Angi to all, and particularly those of us who feel we may have left it too late! More...

Functional Fitness for Independence

Reply from Functional Fitness for Independence

Thank you Lucy for a wonderful review. It is great to work with you and to see you reaching your goals is inspiring. Its never too late to get healthier and of course to put the world to rights with our chats as we work out. Thank you

6 July 2018

Not enough stars! Angi needs more than 5!
I've found Angi to be incredibly enthusiastic about helping me to get to my goals. She is experienced and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. During our sessions she makes it fun, and she knows just the right amount of challenge to give me but not so hard that it feels impossible. My initial reason for getting a personal trainer was to lose weight. I have now lost a considerable amount of weight and feel great. However, Angi has taught me so much about how my body works, plus nutritional information that Ive changed my food habits, time of eating,exercise habits etc to maximise my health. More...

27 September 2017

Personal Trainers

Angi is a very competent professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, her assessment skills and individualised excercise plan has improved my overall strength, health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Angi to anyone wanting to improve their fitness. Thank you More...

5 August 2017

Angi was recommended to me by a friend. I am a bilateral below the knee amputee and I have been looking for someone to help me with seated cardio exercise. Angi is absolutely wonderful. I started with her just before Christmas and i feel so much better. We also do floor stretching exercises so I feel more agile. I have more energy and I always enjoy our sessions. As well as being a brilliant trainer, she is good company, she makes me laugh!


5 August 2017

Anji is very professional and understanding to my needs and after just three months I feel fitter and more motivated to exercise. I look forward to her visits.

29 December 2016

I look forward to my bi weekly challenge with Angi!!! She is very professional and knowledgable, each session is specifically tailored for me, incorporating everything that Angi and I discussed at our initial meeting. The sessions are always challenging and I love it!!!!. Thank you Angi.???? More...

14 December 2016

I could not recommend Angi enough! She has motivated me to push myself and made me love exercising. Each session is challenging but fun and I feel great afterwards. The best Personal Trainer!

Functional Fitness for Independence

Reply from Functional Fitness for Independence

Thank you so much, it's great working with you :) !

16 September 2016

Angi is a wonderful 1:1 personal trainer. She is kind, professional, motivating, encouraging and non-judgmental. She uses just the right amount of enthusiasm to make me work hard to reach my goals but without pushing me too hard so I will give up! Angi has excellent knowledge, skills and experience in the field of fitness and nutrition. Within a few weeks of working with Angi, I have already increased my fitness beyond what I had thought I was capable of and improved my diet and overall well- being.
Thank you Angi!

Functional Fitness for Independence

Reply from Functional Fitness for Independence

Thank you Lucy! It's a pleasure to be a part of your journey to better health and well being and to see your commitment to it paying off. Kind Regards Angi


Personalised training plans to improve your health, strength, endurance and fitness!

Personal training sessions graded to meet your needs: including following/incorporating Physiotherapy exercise plans.
Individually designed workouts that fit with your goals and needs.
Regular health checks: BP, weight, range of movement and referral to Health professional if needed.
Body composition analysis
Kinesiology Taping to support muscles, reduce stress on joints and promote/improve circulation.
Commitment to get you to your goal
Latest exercise techniques
Food diary analysis
I offer a free consultation to discuss your goals and needs and how a fitness and nutrition programme can help you get there. I can visit you at home or work or alternatively you can come to me. There is no pressure for you to decide then and there - you have to feel that I am the right Personal Trainer for you. I believe in positive encouragement and reinforcement and have found this to be the most rewarding way to help others and for us to build a healthy rapport. Its your journey and I will support you throughout it.

I will carry out a full Health Assessment before we start to look at any current health conditions that will impact on how we plan your sessions. This is not only to optimize the activities for you but to make sure any risk areas are addressed and therefore goal setting is achieveable and the programme is sustainable.

Ultimately I plan for you to have fun and enjoy your journey to improved health and reaching that goal!

The secret simply is Health! Getting healthy, stronger and having more endurance will help you improve your independence and body shape, however when you feel all these things; you will find your self confidence and emotional wellbeing has improved to.

I love all of the aspects of this job and thats why i do it, having had ill health many years ago and being wheelchair bound for 18months to now running Marathons in my 50's I know that many things are possible even when you think they are not. It's not about miracles, its' about the journey from ill health to health, maintaining your current level or regaining your independence. To watch my clients transform whether it's a small change or large gives me a great sense of pride not only in myself but more importantly in them. Perseverance is the key and my motivation, guidance and most of all making it fun is what brings results. I wouldn't want to do anything else.

I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry for 25years, as a qualified Occupational Therapist adding Personal Training and GP Exercise Referral was a natural progression and I am also a Yoga Teacher.
The NHS is struggling to meet the needs of those caught in the cycle of ill health, weight gain more ill health and medication side effects. Physiotherapists whilst doing a great job do not have the time or capacity to work with individuals in this situation. Its not just about these issues but with older adults the importance of maintaining your core strength is vital to avoid those simple trips and falls that can have a huge detrimental effect long term.
I hope more personal trainers start to work in this field in the future.

I am dual qualified as an Personal Trainer: Exercise Referral Instructor and Yoga Teacher; have combined the two along with Occupational Therapy allowing me to work with individuals who have long term chronic health conditions. An in-depth knowledge of health, natural patterns of movement, disease, medication, side effects and contraindications means that I can create a plan that will increase your health, strength, endurance and cardio fitness levels at a pace that is safe for you and create the results you need. I will also look at your nutrition and advise within current guidelines how to change or adapt it to give you energy and nutrition whilst still enjoying it. Essentially I will help you create your new lifestyle! I am professional, registered and insured and love what I do and find my enthusiasm is catching; so watch out!


Yoga is a wonderful medium for building strength, increasing flexibility and balance and so much more. Its shown to reduce anxiety, increase focus and clarity, assist many health conditions and offers within it a sense of self and spirituality. I offer one to one sessions at beginners level to introduce you in a gentle way to the postures that bring about health in a gentle and subtle way but also very powerful. I have been practicing Yoga for over 14yrs, completing a 500hrs course and adding my already in-depth knowledge of the human body to understand the many benefits of postures (asanas) and yogic breathing techniques and love it.

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