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Hi, I'm Freddy and I'm a results oriented certified counselor and coach who is here to help you get unstuck and move towards a place of change. Together, we can identify unhealthy thinking patterns, shift behaviors and move you towards greater happiness.



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I love witnessing transformations in others. I don't do this for followers or likes or clout. I'm not trying to sign you up and sell you a bunch of stuff. It's my passion to help others realize their greatness. When I see it in their eyes, it fills my soul with gladness.

I started working as a counsellor and life coach when I was 12 years old. I was trained as a peer counsellor and conflict mediator at my school. I loved it, and I knew that helping people was my true calling. I knew that right away. So, when I moved to London I made it official and began helping anyone and everyone I could find.

I’m a certified life coach and counsellor with years of experience helping people to find their greatness and harness it. That doesn't mean I was always so gifted. I'm human, too.

I spent plenty of time in your shoes wondering how to put it all together. So, I can get down in the dirt with you and see life from your perspective. I give you the tools that YOU need, not some gimmicks and tricks from a guru.