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Norwich, Norfolk

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019



We are FOUR. We are a Design and PR Agency.

We help you say what you want to say in a more dynamic way, help you stand out from the crowd, be bold and be different.

We are focussed on what gets you noticed in the markets you work in.

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In describing the creative process, it rather depends on what communication methods we're using and on your business and your market. This is not a formulaic and one size fits all process by any means. However, first and foremost, we get under the skin of your business and the people and markets your business serves. We talk to you. We understand you. We become an extension of your business. That is the absolute must before we start to work on any creative communication processes.

But, please, bunging together a logo in half an hour for £30 is not how we do business, nor is writing a single press release and expecting the fine words to be shared across all kinds of media platforms within a few minutes. It doesn't work like that (and you'll waste thirty quid). Our work is professional, considered, high quality and produced by exceptional creative individuals.

Lots! The more we know, warts and all, the better and the more we can do. First and foremost, what are you looking to achieve? Then it's getting under the skin of your business: what do you do, why do people buy from you, why are you better than your competitors, who are your competitors, what is your market, is your market changing or static, what is the growth potential, what new markets are you looking for? Lots of questions, but, again, this is not formulaic: we ask questions specific to your business and your market. This all takes time to do a proper job.

Take a look at our website and look at the fabulous work!

We've been around for 57 years so the man who started this business (he was the promotions manager for Anglia Television in the fifties) has long since moved on!

Take a look at the testimonials on our website at www.fouragency.co.uk to understand why our clients choose us. We are not a budget, fly-by-night organisation, but a highly professional agency trusted by large and small organisations alike.

All our services are provided remotely and there is no requirement to meet face to face.

All our clients are safe from COVID-19 in respect of working with us as our services are supplied remotely. Most members of our design, PR and social media teams are working from home during lockdown.


Media relations
Crisis communications
Social media engagement
Content creation
Online influencer engagement
Public consultation
Stakeholder relations
Event management

Logo design
Direct mail
Annual reports

Content creation and dissemination across all social media platforms, community engagement.