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Get a free quote from this professional


Dear Sir/ Madam

My name is Paul Allen I am highly creative person and I like a challenge, for the past 10 years I work in the construction sector. I work on many projects in the construction sector, and I developing my many talents in other trade such as Painting, Plumbing, carpentry, tiling, fixing, plaster boarding and managing the small project and medium size ones.

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25 August 2020

Paul Allen from Foundationfinish has been working for me since 2009.

He is professional, dedicated and considerate person. A meticulous worker with great knowledge in his work.
I will highly recommend him.


The roofing must be in good condition and can be insulated. can get electric installed, the side wall can be insulated with plasterboard with insulation and plastered. The flooring is not leaking and have a 200mm high flood barer.

get the roof water tithe, walls. and ceiling and you need a window for ventilation

first you need to to a surveyor of the loft and see the space and and the layout and then the planning and started.

first is get the scaffolding set up you may cover the top or use top-poling, when get all the materials onsite remove side by side if your replacing the structural timber. build the new frame then, roof tile and window that the client wants.

I been in the business for over 10 years working and many different projects and learning and see how we when in a old house and make it new and livable once more.

I always start a job and finish it alone and with help i am their for the clients.

Start a new project and finish it on time, and see that the clients love the work i have done.

I work for many companies and i learn and want to do something for my family.

they are getting a kind person and a open minded on all subject of the job and to complete the project to satisfaction.