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Dartmouth devon

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Working toward wholeness, navigating life with new ways of being,fresh perspectives and learning how to harness life skills , supportive coaching to guide you into new beginnings and self realization, tools for growth and assistance to guide you through the fires and transitions of life ,relationship ,unexpected and self.


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28 June 2020

Through her work with one-to-one sessions, and online transmissions, Cheaya holds a space of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom that has supported and guided me over many years. I have been blessed to have journeyed with Cheaya through many of life's ups and downs and bends in the road.. and am deeply grateful for her loving support and reflections that she shares with clarity, playfulness and bare truth. Working one-to-one with her is a potent journey into honest self reflection, healing and awakening, that has helped me to let go and grow in so many ways ~ and I would encourage anyone who feels the call into this safe and loving space of life coaching and heart centered counselling with her.
Thank you Cheaya, for everything, always xxx

21 June 2020

Inspiring, playful, deep wisdom for living and growing in harmony. I love the guided meditations & healing journeys, stories and sharing, which open my heart into Love & remembrance, and help guide me along this walk of life. Thank you Cheaya! All Love xxx

18 June 2020

Working with for goodness sake came to me at the right time , especially with the situation the world is going through.
It has helped me to see I’m not alone here and that we are all connected and not to focus on the negative there is always a positive.
Plus I like the humour not to take myself too serious ,what ever is going on it will pass ,there is always a light shining it never goes out even if sometimes I think it has.
Just want to say thank you and keep em coming ❤️.

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I love to assist you toward a new life,new vision ,new passion for life and all you can cocreate within it,I love to inspire you to dream ,never stop believing in yourself and that life is what we dream it can be and we can always reinvent ourselves

Been helping people since childhood have a kind and natural way with people am a really good listener with endless listening skills and life skills ,life experience and wisdom.am naturally able to Intuit and perceive your skills your downfalls and help you to build on both.

Long serving ,much experienced in handling everything that comes!!! Much travelled and adventurous soul which comes with depth,understanding and motivation to align with all peoples genres and personality types



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