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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I am a core-based PT specialising in perfecting your body composition. In physical fitness, body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in human bodies.
Because muscular tissue takes up less space in the body than fat tissue, body composition, as well as weight, determines leanness.


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11 August 2020

Edward has Been training me for almost 2 years and has improved my core strength and flexibility. He tailors sessions to meet my goals and it is easy to see the continued results. Virtual sessions have been really good and a great way to keep active and variety in my exercise during lockdown. More...

Thank you Cilian👌🏾

11 August 2020

I trained with Ed in 2019 while in England and I can say it was a very physically transformative experience. He pushed my boundaries in running like none before and made me a much more confident runner. I could not believe running backwards with speed was possible too, which was part of the specific training I was in for.

Ed is very knowledgeable and is a keen observer of his stidents physical boundaries and possibilities. And lastly, it is so much fun training with Ed.

Thank you Reddy it was my pleasure working with you, you showed so much determination your awesome...

7 July 2020

Edward has got me into good shape and improved my core strength and flexibility. He tailors our sessions to meet my needs and I always feel like I am making progress. Virtual sessions have been much more effective than I initially expected. More...

Thank you Micheal 👌🏾

30 June 2020

Very tenacious and attentive.
A personal touch.

Thank you J your awesome to work with

18 June 2020

Edward has been my PT for about 3 years now, and has me in the best shape of my life. His workouts are highly personalised, and we focus on overall sculpting/toning, core strength, mobility & flexibility. Edward knows just how hard to push me to get results, increase my confidence and keep progressing - even during lockdown via Zoom I've continued to progress. Highly recommended. More...

Thank you miss Terminator your awesome, let's keep working hard💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

17 June 2020

Edward is awesome. Always has lots of new exercises that really cater to my personal needs. Always happy. Is also quite flexible with times if you need to change anything.
I highly recommend him

Thanks Luis you have outstanding determination let's keep moving strong💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

16 June 2020

Because I have been trying to fix a knee problem for a year and he was able to get over it. At least doesn’t heart anymore but the sounds still there. Anyway I notice in one month I got my confidence back and my weight was going down properly. To the point that even after no working out during lockdown I am still got my weight in control. That is big cause I am not really doing any exercise. More...

Thank you Jessica your awesome

16 June 2020

Have managed to Significantly improve my overall fitness and particularly my distance running with Ed. Would highly recommend.

Thank you Dan your awesome let's keep moving strong 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

16 June 2020

I worked with Edward for a year and saw considerable improvements in my over all strength, flexibility and energy levels!

Every workout was different and Edward seemed to have unlimited exercises to choose from that focused on specific goals.

Edward was a kind and approachable trainer who was always flexible when adopting to me constantly changing work schedule.

Finally if Edward invited you to train with him then don't pass up the opportunity to see how far you have to go on your fitness journey - a humbling experience 🙏😁

Thank you Tom you was awesome

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