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Eslick Alchemy Limited has been in business for under a year. Its' purpose is to bring direction and healing to young men going through mental health issues or those who are feeling stuck in their life. I have done my own inner work and believe I have the understanding and techniques to guide others to a better state of being.

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24 May 2022

Alex and I worked together across five weeks with a focus on detaching from negative behaviours and aligning oneself with positive practice. Without trying to overload me with endless hacks or spiritual practices, he simply held the space for me to walk into so we could explore collaboratively. For me that's the hallmark of a top practitioner: allowing the client, the individual to take the reigns. After all, no-one can solve my problems but me.

My biggest challenges were waking up early and actually doing something productive with my mornings. I had a nasty habit of waking up five minutes before work and scrambling to get myself set-up on time. This ending up having knock-on effects to my whole day and I would retire the day exhausted and frantic. Over the five weeks I am now in a situation where I'm waking up between 5-7am (depending on the night before xD) and actually doing something with my morning like chanting, reading, prepping for work or just have silent reflection.

I also wanted to kick my nicotine habit. Anyone who knows the vice of nicotine understands how difficult it is. Even though Alex doesn't use himself, he didn't take any moral high ground or try and tell me what I "should do". Instead he paved out a space where we could talk through together what might and might not work, why I keep falling down, why I even use in the first place, etc. Ultimately, whilst the mechanics of tapering or going cold turkey are pretty part and parcel of quitting, Alex made sure my focus was on the emotional side: not beating myself up if I fall, not trying too much too soon, forgiving myself. That's what I want in a practitioner. Non-judgmental safe spaces. And that's what Alex provided.

I can't knock, Alex. He's genuine and it is hard to find someone in this space that isn't a charlaton or in it for the money. Alex is grounded, attentive and caring and his foundations in spiritual practice and knowledge of Eastern practice is fantastic. He also has deep insight into the works of Jung, as opposed to the pop-psychoanalytic stuff, he's actually read far and wide on Jung and knows his stuff.

Thank you, Alex
Bless you

21 May 2022

Alex is an extremely calm and balanced man. His approach is subtle and puts you at ease. This allowed me to be completely transparent and dive deep into analysis by my own circumstances helping me to identify possible areas of life which are not being attended to.

Alex is very well read and versed in philosophy and culture, as well as being well travelled and experienced in life. His empathy allows him to relate to a situation but never making one feel that there experience is therefore any less important. His kindness and honesty means you never feel distanced from him.

I strongly recommended Alex to anyone looking for balance and fulfilment in themselves. With me we identified 5 areas: social relationships, romantic relationships, work, community and faith. We broke each one down and identified community as a potential area that is lacking for me. We also identified Jung’s ideas of ‘shadow self’, this being the negative sides of ourself that we try to repress. Alex help me to embrace these qualities in order to fully understand my own self.

Alex is truly inspiring, as well as being a great friend ! Thanks sir

I hope in the future he will create interactive activities that help to boast the process of self understanding


I love authentic connection, conversations that inspire and enable people to grow, develop and understand themselves and reality better.

I have been through a great deal and through connecting with spirituality, working through emotions and always looking for the light and truth. I believe it is my purpose to help others on their path.

I have done the work, I don't bring my own baggage to my service, I am passionate and driven to give the best service and the most effective transformation and growth to my clients.

I can provide my services over zoom. I can also arrange meetings in London.

Online calls and meetings in open spaces such as parks.


Are you going through a rough few weeks or in need of some short term guidance, encouragement and a space to understand your thoughts? This isn’t a deep dive but can be really useful to shift into a new gear. 5 sessions, each an hour long. £350.

10, one hour long calls over zoom or in person (again London based) enabling deep dives into healing, alignment and flourishing. Bespoke program and interaction for wherever you are on your journey and whatever your transformational goals are. £550.

15 one hour long calls enabling us to go deep into who you are, where you are and who you want to become. Expect the start of a new chapter in your life and some powerful transformation. £800.