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Harrow, Brent

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Life & Career Guidance.
Overcoming obstacles, problem solving & crisis management.

Understanding situations, exploring solutions and working together to stay strong, efficient and balanced.
A sounding board for problems, a consultant for solutions for any career, any goal any problem whether professional, life or love.

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Being able to help others, there is no greater joy in life than to lend ones energy and intention to help others.

The need to helps others, for so many years throughout my professional I always sought projects to help humanity, whether building a school in the pacific, helping orphanages in the andes or alternative medicine centres in the amazons, they all had one thing in common I wanted to use my resources to help others.
Starting my own business was about now making this a full time responsibility to use 100% of my energy in helping others
nothing has made me feel more complete than dedicating my life and energy in doing so.

The energy, empathy and good intent i have coupled with my vast professional & life experience will serve as your special forces of support to help you achieve your goals & dreams.