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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


'Simple Truths, Simply Delivered.'

Errol Michael Henry has worked at the highest levels in hyper-competitive, performance centred industries for over 3 decades and his propensity for ‘straight talk’ accelerates people’s ability to quickly and accurately identify which areas of their character, understanding or habits need to be realigned in order to ensure their long-term success.

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4 May 2020

Errol, thank you for the support that you gave our job seekers.

You are respected for your impeccable presenting skills and I knew that your message would come across positively and with an inspiring approach.

Thank you for your effort in enabling several individuals to reach outside of their comfort zone to achieve their goals.

The feedback on your presentation can be described in a couple of words, professional and energising.

I was also enormously grateful that you gave your time on a zero-fee basis.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with you on the 'Move Forward Motivator' program of events.

17 April 2020

Working with EMH Global Consulting was a catalyst for change within our business. Our programme was delivered over a number of weeks to the Senior Management Team. The leadership training we received wasn't text book, wasn't cut and paste, wasn't one size fits all - which is a unique training feature for any organisational. Errol was able to train leaders with differing leadership styles in such an enriching way. Challenging our perceptions and broadening our vision. I personally benefited from Errol's perceptiveness about my own character and his nuggets of wisdom have enabled me to grow, not just in leadership, but in my personal life. Far too often training content is separated from the very real personalities of individuals and looked at in a vacuum. Errol was able to go deep to the heart of my personal interests, discuss them in a restorative way and then challenge me to step up to another level. I can truly advise that working with EMH Global is a sound investment. More...

26 March 2020

I have been working with Errol at EMH for over two years and I have been emboldened by the experience.

You will find that the focus is you. If you improve as an individual then everything you do and everyone around you stands to benefit.

Personal development is key to aid you in your pursuit of excellence and ongoing success.

If you have a vision and you recognise that you need support realising that dream, then you need Errol of EMH Global Consulting as your guide.


Sharing experiential insights about what it takes not only reach the highest levels, but to remain there consistently is something never gets old in my opinion. Getting the best out of other people and encouraging them to lead more confident and fulfilled lives has been an honour and a privilege for more than 3 decades - and the trust that other people place in me is something that I take very seriously indeed.

From an early age I always knew that I wanted to own my businesses. The music industry is notoriously difficult to master, yet from absolutely nothing, I built companies that secured lucrative global joint ventures with Internationally recognised brands like: EMI, BMG Music Publishing & Atlantic Records. I have never had shareholders or investors to transforming 'human capital' (other peoples skills) into mutually profitable outcomes enabled me to not only compete against the largest and best funded companies in the world - but to beat them hands down: which is precisely why they then approached me abut forming joint ventures with them.

I am passionate, supportive, dedicated, experienced and extremely straight forward. I am open and honest with the people that I work with and I don't have the time, desire or inclination to promise outcomes that are in reality: unattainable. I am an attentive listener and a very quick learner. I have extensive knowledge about a wide range of personal/business development topics having provided professional services from single person businesses, to Global conglomerates - and everything in between.

'Simple truths, simply delivered' is the motto for my company and anyone seeking to make the maximum progress in the least amount of time should definitely give me a call. 'Rapid Concept Learning' is a trademarked proprietary training methodology that I used to great effect: enabling already capable people to reach levels they never thought possible at incredible speed. my training/coaching is entirely principle based and not only easy to learn, but more importantly - easy to teach, so anyone who wants to add tangible life affirming resources will benefit from working with me.


Having run my own self-funded companies for nearly 3 decades, I understand from personal experience the pressures involved in business management.

I encourage executives to be more creative, confident, better at identifying areas for their own personal and professional development, in addition to offering experiential, practical insights about how they can improve the well being and overall performance of those who are subject to their influence.

I also provide practical support and a sympathetic ear to individuals who are dealing with the (varied) consequences of managing significant responsibilities on a daily basis and my clients soon come to appreciate the passion, dedication and thought that I invest in them.

I work closely with my clients in order to fully understand their requirements, so that I can tailor original, bespoke educational resources that are created to meet their specific needs. I challenge my clients to ask (and to answer) ‘the big questions’ surrounding ‘life vision’, purpose, potential and genuine personal confidence, because a proper appreciation of these weighty subjects, allows people to lead much happier, fulfilled and stress-free existences.

I also dedicate significant time to ensuring that my clients gain a better appreciation of how to positively impact the other key relationships in their lives as a settled mind is also a productive mind: especially when released from the travails of any form of conflict. Tangible ‘self-betterment’ is what I promise those I work with and I earnestly devote the requisite time, energy, thought and commitment necessary to ensure that my clients make measurable improvements to their sense of well-being in the shortest time possible; which in-turn serves to give them even greater confidence to desire more, achieve more and in so-doing – become more.

A business is a living breathing entity and as such, sometimes needs different ‘food’ in order to develop and achieve its true potential. I work with business owners and senior executives in order to examine areas where costs can be cut, productivity can be increased, profits can be maximised and losses reduced.

How people interact with each other (and the customers of the business in question), the ‘messaging’ (internally and externally) also has a significant bearing on how an organisation functions, so I work closely with business leaders/owners to ensure that they are maximising the assets they have at their disposal.

I also have extensive experience in dealing with Intellectual Property rights recovery and can help companies and business owners to utilise existing laws like The Fraud Act and The Data Protection Act to their benefit – especially if their IP has been stolen or otherwise abused.