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Elvet Property Services

County Durham

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Elvet Property Services is an RICS Chartered Building Surveying Company offering a range of services including Residential Valuations, Building Surveys, Energy Performance Certificates, Party Wall Surveyor, Defect Diagnostic, Planning Permission Drawings and Building Control applications.


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We can offer domestic Energy Performance Certificates, which is a legal requirement if you are looking to sell or rent a residential property.

We can also offer Commercial Energy Performance Certificates, which is a legal requirement for any commercial building that is rented or sold.

We can provide SAP calculations which is a requirement under Building Regulations to confirm that your proposed development / extension / conversion complies with the latest requirements for energy efficient measures.

We work closely with our clients including their design team to ensure that the most cost effective solutions are specified.

When undertaking work along the boundary line of your property, whether this be for a new building, an extension, or an existing wall, the Party Wall Act of 1996 may be applicable.

The Party Wall Act requires those undertaking the works, the building owner, to notify adjoining owners should they wish to excavate along or near a boundary, or expose/cut into a separating wall between two properties. It provides a method for resolving disputes and protecting both sides from undue disturbance and damage.

The Act is a process that must be followed, and failure to do so can result in civil proceedings.

Elvet Property Services can assist in ensuring that the process is followed, thanks to our surveyor's experience of doing so with private clients, builders and large public organisations for over 10 years.

A Domestic Valuation Survey is an independent assessment of the current market value of your property. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as for buying purposes, sale purposes, help to buy reimbursement, divorce matters, inheritance, insurance reinstatement costing, etc

The Home Buyers Report is ideal for properties that are a conventional house, flat or bungalow, built from common building materials from 1920 onwards and in reasonable condition.

This can be an essential document when assessing whether to buy a new house, as it will comment on the current condition of the property with advice on short term repairs and long term maintenance costs.

If you're dealing with a large, older and run-down property, a building that is unusual or altered, or if you're planning major works, then a RICS Building Survey will be the right survey for you. It gives detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property, and includes all the same information as the Home Buyers and Home Condition Reports, as well as:

A more thorough inspection and detailed report on a wider range of issues;

1) A description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws;

2) An outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity;

3) Advice for your legal advisers and details of serious risks and dangerous conditions, and

4) Outline costs for any major repairs that will be needed in order to make the property structurally sound or waterproof. Where you are considering alterations, we can also look into the cost of these works.

Elvet Property Services is a chartered building surveying practice able to demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and experience in the application of building pathology and defects diagnosis. We adopt a robust and holistic approach during every survey ensuring that defects are accurately identified and appropriate remedial works prescribed.

Incorrect diagnosis can be a costly in terms of both time and money, where abortive works are specified in error, and it is therefore critical that you receive expert advice from professional consultancy with a proven track record.

We rely on a hands-on approach to eliminate vague and ambiguous text from our reports; ensuring that you receive clear and concise information which addresses all pertinent issues.

Where invasive works or specialist testing is required to provide unequivocal evidence of a defect’s origin, provide a detailed brief outlining the extent of the works and any associated fees.

One of the key aspects when undertaking any extension or refurbishment of your property is ensuring that it meets with current planning requirements, to allow you to start the project as quickly as possible, and building regulations, so that you can be safe and secure in your property.

As part of any Planning Application, we can offer the following services:

1) Review your proposals and ensure that they are compliant with current Planning Legislation
2) Propose finishes and solutions to ensure a speedy planning process, tender and construction period
3) Prepare CAD drawings of the existing and proposed elevations, sections and floor plans for the submission to the local planning authority
4) Identify which planning application may be required and if additional permissions are needed, such as Listed Building Consent
5) Liaise with the planning authority in regards to any queries
6) Assist in preparation of presentations for planning committees
7) Prepare outline cost estimates for budgeting purposes

Upon receiving planning permission, the next stage of any development is to gain Building Control approval. As part of our services for any Building Control submission, we can offer:

1) Develop the design to a further level of detail, recommending where structural calculations, fire stops, or specialist designs will be required
2) Incorporate the necessary specifications, in order to meet Building Regulation Approved Document Standards for Sustainability, Fire Prevention, and Ventilation etc.
3) Produce outline construction details for foundations, flood build ups, roof build ups etc. which will require approval
4) Advise on the best method of procurement for the project
5) Prepare detailed estimates from the further detailed designs

Our chartered building surveyors are accustomed to acting on behalf of both commercial landlords and tenants to provide independent specialist advice relating to dilapidation's and leasehold repair matters. We exercise a proactive and professional approach which demonstrates compliance with Dilapidation Protocol and serves to achieve a quick resolution through unbiased negotiation, to reduce costs and mitigate the risk of litigation for both parties.

We have experience of supporting commercial landlords in pursuit of reinstatement costs or dilapidation claims where tenants are legally obliged to correct defects under the terms of the lease. Conversely, we are accustomed to offering our expert advice to tenants by interpreting the implications of any clauses written into the contract to help avoid any unexpected costs at the end of the lease.

Elvet Property Services specialise in measured surveys and employ a professional team of experienced surveyors and architectural technicians who are proficient in the production of accurate floor plans, elevations, cross-sectional details, 3D models; and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

We are fully conversant with Autodesk Revit® and CAD applications, which we employ to quickly produce accurate as-built design information of both small-scale projects and large, complex buildings and structures. Moreover, if dictated by the client, we can harness the full power of the software to create impressive, high impact rendered designs and 3D visualisations.

Furthermore, Elvet Property Services have evolved with the growing appetite for 3D digital scanning within the industry and are able to provide registered point cloud information within our service offering.

Within our project delivery, we adopt the methodology outlined in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors; Measured Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utilities guidance and adhere to the International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS).

We are experienced in producing detailed design documentation to obtain approval for planning applications, listed building consent and Building Regulations; so whether you are planning a refurbishment, restoration or extension we have the in-house skills and expertise to help you achieve your vision.