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I am a personal development coach and therapist with a BSc, an LLB and an MSc in Psychology (expected 2021). I have over a decade of experience working with corporate professionals. Before setting up my practice, I worked in Investment and Financial Services for 12 years and made many life and career transformations successfully for myself.



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I believe that life coaching is the most effective way to empower individuals. I believe that every one of us already has what it takes to create the life we want. The reason why we have not reached our full potential, is often due to the barriers and blockages that we have both consciously and unconsciously carried with us from childhood. As adults, we now have the power to break down those obstacles and reach for the kind of fulfilment that satisfies us.

On my path to self-actualisation, I have read many self-help books, listened to many life gurus’ talks and followed many mentors’ teachings. They all helped in one way or another, but nothing was as powerful as having a committed coaching relationship to call upon.

Personal development has always been my passion, starting with my natural curiosity about human psychology. I deeply understand and have huge compassion for any forms of human suffering, whether it manifests itself in vocational discontentment or existential depression.

I feel a large sense of gratification as an active participant in another human being’s journey of growth and development.

The absolute key to effective counselling and coaching is the relationship between you and me. The quality of our relationship is therefore more important than the techniques or principles embedded in the process itself.

When working with you, my ultimate objective is to build a lasting relationship which you can rely upon and make use of whenever the need arises. Whether you are looking for long-term support, short-term solutions, or prefer to contact me on an ad hoc basis, our relationship will be a safe place where you can always turn to.

I take a philosophy-based approach to counselling and coaching. I believe that happiness and fulfilment are the natural results of unconditional self-love. Because ultimately it is the relationship with ourselves that is the most significant, around which everything else falls into place. As a coach, I aim to engage with the client’s mind at the deepest level possible. Rather than holding myself as the ‘expert who knows all the answers’, I see myself as the facilitator of changes that the client wants to make as to how they relate to others and to the world. Drawing from over a decade of training and a lifetime of experience in personal development, my mission is to form partnerships with those who want to explore their authentic selves in a safe and stimulating space where they discover who they are, how the world experience them and vice versa. Such discoveries offer huge benefits in developing healthy relationships and in building a fulfilling life.