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Eazi-Apps is a company rooted in the marketing industry, which has become a leader in professional service provision for small-to-mid-sized businesses; offering powerful marketing capabilities, through the use of technology.

We provide front-edge Web Design, SEO and, of course, Mobile App services, designed to assist businesses establish a heavier footprint in their marketplace and notably increase their sales.

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The following, fundamental principles can be applied to both App and Website Design...

Visual appeal - A polished and professional finish requires a well-organised layout - not cluttered - and the use of high grade imagery and graphics is essential to gain and maintain engagement. Combine this with concise, interesting and fresh content and you can capture your User's attention for longer, drawing them on to those aspects of your business that you want to promote the most.

Ease of Use - With a stunning fascia in place, it is just as important to have a smooth and intuitive User Interface, with the appropriate cues for your users to browse easily and happily, such as logical navigation, information hierarchies (e.g. Categories > Items > Items details) and user forms. Effective usability also requires a smart (lean) and consistent colour scheme, along with interactive objects, e.g. button and tabs, being kept as clear and as simple as possible.

Ease of Contact - A website should make it easy for the User to find you (Google Maps integration) and/or get in touch with you directly (Contact Form or One-Touch dialler) and there should be clear cues and Calls-To-Action (CTAs) for users to do so.

If 'contact' is not your Users' immediate aim then taking opportunities to increase the chance for future contact should be in place, e.g. the ability for Users to join your Mailing List; to Download content after an email sign-up; to follow your Social Media Channels and Share with other people online.

Can you summarise your idea for a Mobile App and/or Website, in just a few sentences?
Have you been through a project like this before?
Does your budget include the cost of ongoing hosting and/or use of a CMS?
Does your budget and timeline include any margin for contingency?
Are you aware of any current obstacles or potential problems, which could hinder the project?

What are the business objectives for the Mobile App and/or Website?
Who are the target users of your App/Website?
If you aim to sell products on your App/Website, how many products will you have in store?
Which other Apps and/or Websites will yours be competing with?

If you are seeking an App, how many downloads are you aiming to achieve per month?
If you are seeking an App, will you require any of the following features:
- User Management (membership of your App)?
- Push Notifications?
- Mobile Store (eCommerce)?
- Mobile Booking (appointments & reservations)?
- Food Ordering?
- Review Campaign?
- Social Media links?

Do you currently have any preliminary designs for the App/Website you want to see built?
Do you currently have brand and image content ready to be incorporated into the design?
Do you currently have written content ready to be incorporated into the design?
Will you be maintaining the App/Website yourself, after it has been delivered?

If you already own a Website, have you made efforts to improve its SEO?
Do you seek to win local, national or international business?
Do you know who your top online competitors are?
Do you have a Google My Business account?
Do you seek a fully managed App, Web and SEO Service?

Finding solutions to the challenges my Clients and their businesses face.
Providing advice and guidance to Clients in and around the subject area of digital business technology and how best they can procure and gain a return on investment.

We have been in the Information & Communications Technology industry for 25 years; 18 of these in consultancy; specialising in Quality Management. With years of experience in ensuring that Clients receive quality solutions that have increased opportunities for ROI, the move into providing Digital Technology Solutions, for Small-to-Midsize-Businesses, was a natural one.

We belong to a network of the best-trained, most adaptive and innovative solution providers to SME Businesses in the world.

We combine our background in Information Technology and Quality Management, to provide the most transparent, efficient and effective service available.

Our professional experience also serves as the basis for an easy-going and collaborative relationship with our Clients. Our logical, easy-to-follow methods, allow Clients to get on board with the process so that we can complete the journey of delivery together.


Our Eazi-SEO Service provides a comprehensive and methodical means to deliver and maintain month-on-month improvement of your Search Engine Ranking to get you found by the right customers, online.

Our team of SEO specialists focus on three key activities:

a) Technical SEO
b) Content Creation
c) Backlinks Building.

The EAZI-SEO Process Breakdown...

1. SEO Campaign Strategy:

The SEO Strategy establishes a baseline set of activities, required to improve your website ranking.

a) It builds on the initial, free audit of your website and involves working with you to describe your ideal customer; those individuals we need to target through ‘organic search’. Thus, a large part of the Strategy creation involves researching Keywords (analysing the phrases your potential customers use) and your competitors (what is working for other organisations in your domain?)

b) In addition to a refined list of target keywords, the Strategy will further provide a list of actionable recommendations for onsite/page tuning, site structure and improved page speeds across devices; content strategy; the scope of work required to improve your backlinks.

2. SEO Campaign Package Implementation:*

Once your initial SEO Strategy is created, we will get to work on implementing the recommendations. This is when the power of our SEO technology, combined with our expertise comes into play.

a) At the foundations of SEO enhancement are the technical changes to your site and assignment of your Keywords to your pages. This may involve proposing revisions to your content or creating new pages to house Keywords, for which you need to rank. We conduct this activity in collaboration with you and in line with your chosen content management system (e.g. WordPress; Wix; Squarespace).

b) Another foundation activity is the building out of your SEO for ‘Local’ presence, for which we have a specific subset of powerful tools, integrated with Google My Business. We also check, at this stage, that all necessary/beneficial Google registrations are in place.

c) At the same time, we will begin building your content strategy. This will generate ideas for relevant content, the creation of which will steadily increase your website’s ‘Authority’ and improve its ranking. These topics can be written about and published in a Blog or posted to your Social Media Channels or both. Your preferred approach to pursuing a content strategy can be discussed.

d) We will also continually track three of your chief competitors for the Keywords they are ranking for; the pages to which these Keywords are taking their visitors; the level of the traffic they are generating on these keywords and, if available, the source of the searches.

e) One of the most powerful aspects of our service is link building. Reputable backlinks drive up your site’s authority. We gauge not only the number of your links but also the quality of those links. We look for link opportunities, via your competitors, identifying the source of their backlinks. If they are found to have links to their site, which you do not already have, then we assess the potential for canvasing the source to have your own backlink from the same.

f) Even more powerful is our Journalist Outreach, whereby we collect relevant requests for information, related to your business domain, from online writers. The common currency for providing good responses to these requests is published backlinks from the writers’ articles.

g) An ongoing aspect of our service is the continuous monitoring of your website’s SEO performance, which will prompt for the necessary actions to be taken as and when changes occur in the Search Engine universe. This also serves to quality check our own actions and changes.

* NOTE: We will need access to your CMS backend, in order to implement certain of the Onsite SEO actions. This will be with a strict remit to improve your Website’s ranking and any content changes will only be made with your express permission.

3. Campaign Feedback & Reporting:

We have a strong focus on using reporting to create actionable insights, as opposed to reporting for ‘reporting’s sake’. Once we have created your SEO Strategy, and begin to implement it, we will then:

a) keep a close eye on any performance impacts. This provides indications to us, on what’s working and what’s not, and enables us to amend the ongoing Strategy.

b) provide you with updates and involve you in any Strategy changes that arise.

We offer Service Add-ons to complement our core services, all of which are designed to increase your presence and sales online.

Based on your requirements, your business sector; any existing branding you use or will require in future, we will design, build and host your Website.
Your website design is inherently responsive; meaning it will be optimised independently for desktop, tablet and mobile. Your site will also be lightning fast.
We have over 250 template themes You can choose from. We can add a Blog, Personalisation and an Ecommerce solution, as required.
When Your website is the window to your business, Eazi-Sites, you can help you get ahead of the competition and give your customers a great online experience on any device.

Based on your requirements, your business sector; any existing branding or website you currently use or will require in future, we will design, build and publish your Mobile App to the Apps Stores.

You can have Your Apps built for iOS, Android or both platforms and we can also build Progressive Web Apps for those Clients wanting to provide an App-like experience to their web visitors.

Your App's configuration and data are stored on our Content Management System (CMS), to which we will give you access.

You can then use the CMS to add/remove App content, modify App features, send Push Notifications to Your Users, or manage Your Subscribed Users.

We also conduct Quarterly App Reviews with you to discuss content and feature enhancements, as well as share effective promotional strategies with you, to assist you with getting the most from Your App.