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What is Bioresonance therapy
Bio-Resonance therapy is a technique that is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic feedback purposes. Bioresonance technology was originally developed over 40 years ago.

Our cells and organs produce electromagnetic fields just like radio waves.

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16 September 2019

100% recommended! The machine found things out that took the doctor months to figure out... Stopped a condition that has bothered me for over 20 years! .. Got rid of my hayfever in less than 5 minutes... And sorted a few other things out.. Thanks maxine More...

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7 August 2019

I was super nervous about having this full body scan with DRT clinics, I was made to feel at ease by Maxine at the clinic who was very calming & reassuring through the whole process ❤️ in a professional & clean environment. I Am in shock at how this Machine literally tests every inch of the human body, every organ & the parts of them in great detail, any parasite, infection, food tolerance, psyche & chakras . it does not miss a thing! It will tell you if something is wrong & what is the cause.... It confirmed to me things I have had diagnosed by the doctor & also confirmed areas I was convinced weren’t right with myself & had doctors say I’m fine Send Maxine a msg & get booked in 100% worth it More...

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