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Photography & Video for Products, Brands & People.

DougJo is a Photography and Video company set up by cousins Sam and Owen Douglas-Jones.

Based in Bristol but working internationally, DougJo exists to provide companies, brands and people with compelling content that communicate a wide variety of visual narratives.

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20 July 2018

Really professional service. Good communication throughout and fantastic content created! Would highly recommend!

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I don't think there is 'a secret' per se, the success of a photograph can be measured by the degree to which it fulfils the intended purpose of creating. But how can you achieve the intended purpose? Through a myriad of ways like a witches' cauldron or a Turtle Bay mojito.

For us, we always start with empathy and curiosity - exploring the deeper aspects of the subject matter. Sometimes it doesn't go that deep, sometimes it's as simple as making something look pretty. The different intentions require different approaches, and I guess that's the secret to a great photograph - to communicate and adapt.

What is the overarching message that you want to communicate through this piece of work? If you don't know how can we help to develop the messaging of your narrative.

What do you want to achieve through commissioning this project?

Who will be looking or watching this work? What can we find out more about them?

What part of your own personality would you like to be conveyed within the work that we will create? Is this relevant?

What aesthetic style do you take inspiration from? Is there any piece of work that you can think of that inspired you?

What barriers may occur when coming to shooting this project? And how can we help put things in place to prevent these barriers from diluting the work?

A job is not necessarily how I would describe what we do, and I guess that's exactly what I love most about it. Doing something that we get so much fulfilment from is as rewarding as the work itself. The autonomy, creativity, flexibility and variety of our work are aspects I feel most privileged to experience on a daily basis.

Sharing a love for visual storytelling and communication, cousins Sam and Owen spent many former years documenting family get-togethers and creating short thriller films - most of which had more comedic value than tension…

After spending time in marketing roles and finding a shortage of reliable content partners the guys banded together once more to form DougJo. Why? To satisfy their innate passion for visuals and to fill an industry niche they felt was underrepresented.

We're a family business who pride ourselves on our creativity and passion for visual storytelling. Working with a myriad of different people and businesses around the globe we've helped stories be told by either providing a creative vision or conveying their own imagination with precision and empathy.