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At domhaighfitness we believe that anyone can achieve their health, fitness and physique related goals no matter how big or small. We don't discriminate. You could be aiming to get lean, add muscle mass, improve your relationship with food or just simply get fitter and healthier.

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29 August 2019

Always clean and friendly, equipment is well maintained and new pieces are frequently added.

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4 February 2019

A very friendly gym, staff always willing to help

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4 January 2019

Go there for private physio

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10 May 2017

A brilliant gym and a great team

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With my evidence and results based philosophy, I apply my knowledge to each client as an individual. Each person is built differently, meaning everyone will react to and perform exercises in a different way. I assess clients current experience level and work from there. When you build a house you don't start with the roof, you start at the bottom, creating strong foundations before building upon that in a progressive way. It is the same with training. We learn fundamental movements patterns before progressively adding load, volume and changing exercise complexity in order to keep you moving forward as your confidence and experience improves.

Consistency over time is the key to achieving your ideal physique. I preach to clients to never compare themselves to others as this will only lead to disappointment. Aim to be the best version of you. Realise that their will be bumps along the road and that progress is never linear. Life gets in the way sometimes but if you are consistent the majority of the time, small set backs mean nothing. Work hard, stay consistent and anything is achievable.

For me the most satisfying part of my job is seeing clients progress. The small wins are just as important as the big ones. It could be simply seeing a beginner to weight training improve their confidence in the gym and come to love training, helping someone to improve their quality of life through moving and sleeping better, or at the other end of the spectrum, it could be seeing someone achieve their goal physique after all the hard work, commitment and focus they put in to it. Helping others is my passion.

The current obesity crisis shows no sign of ending. We need to address this through a multi faceted approach with training and nutrition as the two go hand in hand. There is so much misinformation out there which confuses the general public, combined with personal trainers who don't have their clients best interests at heart. I want to help people avoid making the mistakes that I have made in the past and get them to their health and physique goals faster.

I pride myself on my positivity, passion and drive to help and motivate all my clients and improve myself as a trainer. I don't rest on my laurels and have consistently learnt everyday in my 8 years in this industry in order to best help anyone I work with. I practice what I preach as I believe it is important to set a good example. I encourage all clients to set themselves realistic goals, both in the short and long term. The reason for this is that sometimes, long term goals can seem far in the distance and may discourage you. Setting small short term goals to hit encourages adherence to the bigger picture.