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16 October 2021

My dog was really nerves and he would not listen to me at all, barking with the smallest thing happening around but after working with Dolgwalker he startit to enjoy his little walks at the park ingoring the noises and all this because of the work of lovely Paula! She made me and my dog happy 😄

27 September 2021

Paula has helped with two of my dogs, both at totally different age ranges and completely different breeds.
One a husky mix 25 kilo and the other a pomeranian, 3 kilo.
She has helped to demystify their behaviour, helping me build a stronger bond with them, helped me manage and understand them better.
I feel confident after my lessons with Paula, as her enthusiasm, her knowledge is always inspiring with easy easy follow instructions.
Her method is fool proof.
I recommend Paula to every single dow owner that needs a help in hand.
Shes been a life saver! Especially when the husky was pulling on leash. Paula helped me massively.
I only wish she did group classes, as I would definitely attend these!
She is my go to whenever new behaviour arises or something comes up.
She has been a great help over the years and her after-care is excellent.
Highly recommended! 10/10

7 September 2021

Paula is excellent! We learned a lot.

3 September 2021

Paula is such a joy, not only sweet and approachable, but also extremely knowledgeable and skilled. We have only been using the techniques for a few weeks, but I can already see such a change in our dog. I’m so grateful for her time and support and would definitely recommend her to anyone :) More...

28 July 2021

Paula is perfect at what she does ! We have a bulldog puppy who has alot of energy and acts like a cannonball (he's still learning his strength). However after a few sessions with Paula we were able to get him to stop tugging on walks, and behaving more around the house. It has been hard during these times having a pandemic puppy with everything closed but Paula was able to teach us in these few sessions as if we took months of puppy classes. She's given us the knowledge and confidence to move forward with our Chunky boy. High reccomend her! More...

23 July 2021

Dog Training

Could not be happier. With Paula’s help we got potty training down in little over a week. We had another session when he was 8 months old focusing on behavioral issues and it felt like we had a completely different dog after only one session. Thank you!

7 July 2021

Great fun working with Paula.
My puppy had a great start with her

6 July 2021

Dog Training

My dog had extreme anxiety to the point that my husband couldn’t be in the same room as her. She would wet herself and coward constantly. We have just finished our third session and all I can say is that she is like a changed dog! There are still things that need working on but she is doing amazing and that is all thanks to Paulas training and advise. Without a doubt would recommend this lady is your dog has any kind of behaviour issues. Thanks again Paula you have literally changed Blues world 😊 More...

18 June 2021

Would highly recommend paula for dog or puppy training,she helped us whole heartedly in training out german shepherd. As we were new in keeping a pet so we were totally blank,paula was so patient to help us training our pet. she gave us soo many tips to keep him happy.thank u soo much paula More...

31 May 2021

Without doubt, the best dog trainer around! Our dog was very challenging and we tried several trainers who could not help. After a few sessions with Paula we have a different dog. We never expected the results to be so good. Highly recommend. More...

28 May 2021

Managed to see results in the first session. Sessions were easy to follow with one lesson leading smoothly into another. I was able to understand my puppy's behaviour and was shown how to apply teachings in other situations! More...

24 May 2021

Paula really helped us train our black lab puppy as we wanted to start out right. She always made herself available and really helped us with the framework of how you think about training and communicating with the dog that has been great and will continue to pay it forward in the future.

21 May 2021

Paula was great, highly recomend. I have a rescue dog, Malbec, who started having some issues with biting when surprised/scared following a separation and repeated house moves. Sessions were really clear to follow and helpful to show how at times my body language or commands were sending confusing messages to my dog. After finishing the 4 sessions Malbec is like a different dog, much more relaxed and we haven't had an issues in months and he really seems to enjoy the training More...

11 May 2021

Highly recommended DogWalkersN8 service. Very easy to follow all the tips and command, as a first time dog owner we had issues with biting. Soon after the first session my puppy improve his behaviour. Paula did makes easy for us to understand how important is the communication between the dog and the owner. Our puppy have much better attitude now. Thank you again. ✨ More...

10 May 2021

Paula has been a great help with our dog, from barking to behaviour with other dogs. She has very clear processes that make it easy to follow and has been really generous with her time over the course of our learning.

22 April 2021

Amazing. Life changing for dog and is!

21 April 2021

Paula was so helpful with our puppy. We approached her when our labradoodle was 5 months old and needed her behaviour tidying up! Her method is a simple model which enabled us to understand Nora much better. Amongst other things we quickly trained our puppy to stop chasing joggers & cyclists and from picking up disgusting things which has made walking her much more pleasurable! Paula was responsive and generous with her time and catch-ups. More...

15 April 2021

Paula was very nice and really helped us get in tune with our puppy and taught us valuable tricks for training our little frenchie. Would definitely recommend despite the price! More...

12 April 2021

Dog Training

Paula gave me some really good advice/tips on how to develop more controlled "doggy greeting" and keeping 4 paws on the floor when meeting people. "Say Hello" & "Go Play" exercises have been very helpful as my Border Terrier Eddy can be too friendly! Lots of other good stuff which I'll continue to use to improve Eddy's general control. Thanks Paula. More...

4 March 2021

Paula was very friendly and showed us some invaluable tools to help us deal with our puppy. She's very good and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend

27 February 2021

Had great support from Paula, feel like we have the tips & tricks now to get our 1 year old schnauzer well trained but happy, already seeing a difference

30 January 2021

Paula is absolutely brilliant! She helped us deal with our Bichon frise Snowy’s separation anxiety and supported us every step of the day. After Paula’s training and boarding Snowy is now in a much happier dog and can be left on her own for short times when needed. Definitely recommend. More...

23 January 2021

We met Paula back in summer of 2020 when we adopted a Romanian rescue dog. His history was unknown his age/breed also unknown. As first time dog owners we were in for a tough ride.
He arrived straight from Romania and spent the first week pacing the garden looking for a way to escape!
We called Paula for help
She came and was very honest from the start. Our dog was fearful guarded and had severe anxiety.
We could not get near him for weeks. Let alone pet him
She came and taught us things we didn’t know. She showed us the right techniques to settle the dog. She bought her own equipment and advised us what to buy to help control and contain him. She taught handling techniques
And lead/collar training
It took months before we could pet him.
6 months on (yes really!) we are now leaving the house and going on short walks
We still have a long way to go but he’s settled and even smiles at us
Thankyou Paula for all your patience and support
You have taught us and The dog how to live together happily

9 January 2021

We chose the puppy package for our new forever friend Wallop. All we can say is we are so happy that we chose Paula! Her dedication and care to her clients and their pets is phenomenal. When looking on Bark I read the reviews left for Paula and all I can tell you is every positive review is 110% true. Paula's sessions are fun, fast paced and easy to follow. She also makes sure you are confident and understand what she's teaching you and your pup before heading off for you to continue your training. She is dedicated to answering your questions and queries and her support and advice to us has been invaluable. Not to mention she is the most lovely lady! The best money we've spent on training and we are so happy with the results. Should we need any further assistance with training we will be seeking out further services/packages from Paula. Thank you so much! More...

13 December 2020

Paula has been very reponsive with our requests and her methods are extremely effective. Our 4-month old Pomsky is now toilet trained and we are able to leave her at home without any separation anxiety and accidents for hours on end. Paula has made the effort to keep in touch proactively to make sure that the support is there if we need it. Give her a go! More...

13 December 2020

Training with Paula has been really helpful. Before our sessions, i struggled to get my dogs reactivity to other dogs and barking under control, but now I have tools to keep her calm in any situation. Paula is very friendly and gives you written notes so you don’t forget exercises between sessions. I would definitely recommend her dog training sessions ☺️ More...

10 December 2020

I booked Paula to help train my 3 month old Frenchie for toilet training, sleeping on his own at night in his crate and general behaviour. Paula's methods helped me train my dog within a few weeks. He now sleeps from 10-7:30 in his crate without crying or calling for me (miracle!), his toilet training is amazing and his behaviour has improved a lot. I loved using Paula's methods as she uses them to train her own dogs and are all proven based on real life experiences not just from a textbook. Also Paula's support throughout this process has been wonderful, she always offers her help even after I used up all my sessions within the package I purchased. She is always there to offer advise which is the best. Thank you Paula for helping Luca, we appreciate you :) More...

19 November 2020

Dog Training

The Lady was very pleasant but due to unforeseen circumstances and me being forced to retire by the hospital I could not afford to proceed, but the lady did try and help with a reduced price, but i was still not able to afford it, but again she was very helpful

15 November 2020

Paula was lovely and seemed very knowledgable. She took time to make sure I was doing the training correctly and explain the process behind the training techniques. I saw a change in behaviour after 1 session More...

25 October 2020

Paula showed me very useful techniques to control my 3 months old lab, including how to transition potty training from inside to outside, how to use body language especially for commands like sit or when my dog jumps on me. I also learned how to use the “Leave” command which was probably the most important one as my puppy seems to grab everything that she sees in front of her (typical puppy behavior!). Finally, I learned how to walk my dog on lead by making sure she walks next to me without stopping or pulling. Thank you for the great tips Paula, now time for me to apply them :) More...

24 October 2020

Paula was amazing!

I recently got a dog which I later on found out that he was blind, Paula adapted her approach to suit my dog. She was patient and attentive and was a breathe of fresh air to be around.

Highly recommend Paula her, she tolled me with essential skills that has helped my relationship with my dog.

29 September 2020

It has been a pleasure working with Paula. She was very patient, attentive and taught my puppy and I invaluable lessons. Paula is very helpful and knowledgeable and made the training process so much easier than I thought. You can really tell how much she loves her job. I would recommend Paula to anyone considering training their puppy/dog. Thank you Paula More...

21 September 2020

Paula is professional, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about animals! We felt very confident as new dog owners knowing that we could contact Paula at any time if we had any questions or concerns. Paula's instructions were clear and thoughtful, her approach to training is kind, straightforward and shows a thorough understanding of dog psychology which we found really interesting. I would not hesitate to recommend or use Paula again...if we ever need to! Our dog is doing great thanks to Paula :) More...

19 September 2020

Working with Paula has been a pleasure. She is very professional and calm. Our little Maltese, Lola, was fascinated by her. By following Paula’s advise we managed to keep Lola’s behaviour exemplar both indoor and outdoor. Thank you Paula!😉 More...

15 September 2020

Having had dogs all my life I was feeling quite despairing regarding what lockdown had done to our already anxious pup however with Paula’s calm, clear, straightforward, advice and instruction we are seeing really positive results. I can’t recommend her more highly. Happy owner and happy dog More...

9 September 2020

Paula has been brilliant with my 4 year old cross breed and training me about his reactivity and behavioural problems. Once she started to show me how to communicate with him, he listened more, reacted less and I'm now able to start the process of weaning him back off his lead (slowly but surely! ) She's been really encouraging, reassuring and great at answering any questions I've had. More...

11 August 2020

I got my lovely Cocker Spaniel puppy Georgie during the hight of Covid-19 lockdown. Unfortunately no live puppy trainings took place, but I needed help. ..

I found Paula's DogWalkersN8 service on bark. She helped via Skype to form my understanding of my dog's needs and communication (Georgie is my first own dog). Even though we never had any live/real training, Paula swiftly helped and her training was very effective. Georgie was 'more or less' house-trained after a week and we established a great routine together. Paula understood my circumstances and adapted to my needs plus she was available and helpful via WhatsApp.

I would recommend her service and am very happy about the outcome, a very well behaved new member of our small family... : )

31 July 2020

Absolutely fantastic!! I managed to get my 10weeks old puppy to be fully potty trained as well as get him to obey orders using Paula’s tips and sessions! Highly recommend her.

16 July 2020

My dog and I had a great experience with Paula.
We had two main goals, the first one was to help my 7-month-old rescue puppy to relate and get along with my two old cats. He is very energetic, for what he wanted to play with them all the time.
Paula taught me how to teach the dog on how to behave around the cats, and to the cats of how to get confident enough to circle around the house again

The second goal was to make my puppy walk on a loose lead since he was always pulling and trying to chase squirrels, foxes, birds, and dogs. She accomplished that thanks to a specific work with the dog and with me.

Paula helps you understand how your dogs feel and thinks, so you'll be able to handle him better, generating trust between each other. My relation with my dog went from being "friends" to become also his "protector" to make him want to follow my lead.

On a final note, Paula works towards objectives, for what she ensures that the goal is achieved and she will guide you through all the process, with both, presential and online consultation, depending on the need

3 July 2020

Dog Training

Paula’s training technique is brilliant. She taught me a simple way to communicate with my dog. When we first started Coco was struggling with separation anxiety, was waking up in the middle of the night. After our training sessions Coco has become a more confident puppy. Paula’s tips are very practical, she makes sure that you go through it with her as many times as you need it until it becomes intuitive. I’d highly recommend Paula to any pet parent. More...

20 June 2020

Paula is brilliant, I can not recommend her enough, she took our new rescue who has a lot of issues from a history of neglect and helped make her into the happy confident dog she is now. We all learnt so much and we are so grateful. Paula definitely goes way beyond what we paid for, checking in all the time, lending us equipment, giving continuous advice. We are really grateful xx More...

11 June 2020

Dog Training

Absolutely loved working with Paula. We got two puppies (frenchies) and as you can imagine every day was very hard work, we were getting nowhere. With no prior knowledge on "how to have a dog" we stumbled upon DogWalkers online. Well Puala's training classes were absolutely mind-blowing. Packed with tips and tricks, ways to understand your dog and more. She helped us train our doggos and train ourselves to be better owners! I would suggest DogWalkers to anyone! More...

31 May 2020

Paula has been an incredible source of support for us in our first days with our puppy Angel.

She has been very flexible in supporting us via Skype during the COVID-19 lockdown. Her expertise shone through from our first interaction with her - massively reassuring to us as first-time dog-owners.

Perhaps the most important thing to emphasise is how far beyond the call of duty Paula has gone in supporting us - she's arranged numerous Skype calls (many at strange times e.g. Sunday evenings), responded almost immediately to our queries via WhatsApp, and even offered to meet in person for a free training session with Angel in the park once the lockdown is lifted. The degree of care she feels about doing a good job for the dogs and for their owners shines through.

Her style is generally quite direct, and sessions are fast-paced, but she's also been really good on the human front giving us encouragement at moments when we were doubting our own ability, and adapting her style to the way we learn.

Thank you Paula for helping us welcome Angel to our lives - we're so grateful, and we hope you're able to support many more newbie dog-owners.