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Im taking on face-face clients right now as I build my business. Face to face still has its place in the fitness industry as supports new exercisers into safe and correct techniques, however, my premier online coaching service coaches your life (the other 23 hours out with personal training) and teaches you habit forming, gives you a personalised progressional exercise programme, everything about nutrition, recipe packs, online classes, progress tracking and check ins, communities and support and much much more.

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27 February 2022

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Leanne is a dream of a coach (and possibly the only person that managed to make me think of exercise as 'fun'). Not only she helped me achieve all my goals - lose weight and gain strength and muscle- she taught me how to rethink my relationship with food, exercise and my body. She has helped me become confident. I have achieved so many things I thought I would never be able to do thanks to her. She will always be honest about what your goals can be and how to achieve them. Her primary goal is always to educate you and give you all the tools to fully understand what you are doing, why, and how you can do better. She has never been negative, always constructive and supporting. Can't recommend her enough. More...

27 January 2022

Personal Trainers

The mornings when Leanne drops by are the ones I look forward to most since I started training with her in September, 2021! I can physically see the results, but most impressive are the changes in my mood, motivation, chronic back pain (which is now gone!) and the reduced frequency of my migraines.

Leanne is so attentive to my needs, adjusting sessions to how I’m progressing and feel on the day, and always quick to respond to questions. She’s also incredibly clued up and backs up her work with well-researched knowledge and will explain it in a way that makes sense.

In between PT sessions I’ve enjoyed the workout programmes she’s put together for me, and the platform she uses is well designed and allows you to track your progress.

27 January 2022

What can i say about Leanne at Digicoach? She’s supportive yet pushes you to reach your potential, so encouraging and despite her busy lifestyle as a working mum, she always has time for her clients. Before joining Leanne at digicoach I had a very severe seizure disorder, daily drop down seizures between 15 and 20 a day if not more, alongside severe memory loss with the seizures. My life was miserable due to these. Since following the plan set out by leanne and working out 4 to 5 times a week and reaching daily step goals clocking in around 14-18 miles walking a week, my seizures are now absent seizures (no more drop down seizures) and I have around 1 to 2 a week if that! This is all within a month! I’ve already developed healthy habits and learning to love working out so much so I’m seeing that I’d love to start learning to be a PT and coach myself! All down to Leanne, following her advice and guidance is worth it, you’re investing in a better you and its honestly so worth it! Thanks leanne can’t wait to see where the future takes me! More...

31 December 2021

She’s very good and she inspires me to do more and better, she watches out for me, I mean she’s always there, she’s someone you want to work with, I so much enjoy working with her and I’d continue working with her - thank you.

3 December 2021

I am absolutely loving working with leanne. It's so amazing to have someone in your corner pushing and supporting you. I have never felt like I am restricting my eating. Everything is balanced and nothing feels better than smashing a few personal bests!! Leanne has so much knowledge and I love working with her. If you are considering a little help to reach your goals and keep you motivated leanne is your girl!! Xx More...

2 December 2021

Leanne is a fantastic coach. Her approach is long term sustainability which I love and the format is easy to follow. She always listens and the develops the plan to suit your current needs. Thank you!

15 November 2021

Leanne has been such a big help since I’ve started working with her, she’s changed my outlook on fitness/exercise completely and made me enjoy it! Being able to do PT sessions over zoom is so convenient and just as beneficial as face to face sessions. She goes above and beyond and is always happy to answer any questions no matter how silly they are 😊 More...

19 August 2021

Leanne completely changed my view on PT, went in expecting to not enjoy it very much but a few months later and I’ve totally changed my mind on it. She’s been amazing for answering any questions I have at any time and giving constructive feedback! I’m actually enjoying exercising now where I never did even 2 months ago. 😊 More...

18 July 2020

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Leanne gives a detailed, personalised plan and she follows you every step of your journey. She is always available to explain, answer, and support. Overall, a great experience.

7 July 2020

Had a fantastic amount of help off this lady, she knows her stuff..helped me out with getting me motivated and always close to hand if I need help. . Definitely would recommend Leanne. More...

30 June 2020

I had been struggling to build mass for a long time (years) as I lead a very active lifestyle and have a naturally slim build. I found digicoach after many attempts with face to face trainers who simply didn’t get what I wanted to achieve! I thought I’d try a different approach, an online trainer. At first I was apprehensive of how an online personal trainer could be just that.. personal 🤷🏻‍♂️ However Leanne quickly put my mind at ease by asking all of the right questions, and giving the perfect responses to mine. I could instantly recognise that as a trainer she really knows what she is talking about and will go to any length to get the results that you want! Leanne (digicoach) has made her online presence unbelievably easy to navigate and with a fountain of knowledge on her page along with as much communication or help that you wish, I truly think that any goal could be achieved by you and her! I don’t write many reviews However the results I’ve seen from just a few months are fantastic! and I’m still allowed a beer and a burger 😂 try it, you won’t regret it 🤷🏻‍♂️👍 More...

30 June 2020

Leanne is an incredibly hardworking and considerate personal trainer whose enthusiasm seems inexhaustible. Her focus on needs extends to: honing in on nutrition, fitness plans, and mental well-being. As a relatively anxious person, I was nervous about committing to a training regime but Leanne was able to abate and transform my trepidation into determination. In a matter of weeks that determination produced results as I lost weight and felt stronger than I ever have before. The most immediate and ever-increasing outcome from her guidance has been the positive influence on my mental well-being. She quickly picked up on my negative thought cycles, as I'd gotten into the habit of writing myself off as if it were second nature. With Leanne, I felt I had more than a coach for physical fitness goals but a moral and emotional cheerleader who celebrated my successes with an earnestness that really reinforced progress. For me, there's no question about the quality of this product. At the end of the day, Leanne ensured she was there for me, exceeding my expectations of her and myself, ensuring I was always happy with the results and, most importantly for me, supported along the way. More...

30 June 2020

Hey Leanne, thanks so much.....

Loving the journey this time round, I've struggled and tried loads in the past, with my fitness and diet and each time I've just lost the motivation, lost heart and the Will to get it done.
For me it was always so overwhelming trying to do this routine, that routine eat this and eat that, keeping up wit work and family life and drink all that water, trying to follow everyone's advice from YouTube and internet searches, so eventually it got too much, wasn't fun and I gave up :(.
This time though, your help through Digicoach has really boosted my self confidence. My belief in myself and my ability. The workouts don't take all day but they are effective, just look at my progress (in 4 weeks). This means I can actually workout and still get on with life. The diet plan and tips has helped me make small changes and eat a lot cleaner without feeling like I am a rabbit LOL.
I'm putting in the right amount of fuel to get through the days train and feel good without the worry I'll gain a power of weight.
The fact I can message you anytime and you're there to help, guide or be a friend helps a lot tooand I think it's fair to say that's played a role in my progress.
Being fitter in body and mind has changed things for me, its made things easier to deal with and process...... this is only the beginning!


Extremely. Since studying as a clinical weight loss practitioner in 2014 it opened my eyes to how it can either prevent health conditions or cause them.
I work with my clients and analyse their diet & lifestyle then teach them how to get the best out of their body by nourishing it correctly.

I have had many clients who have had binge eating behaviours and been able to work around them and its become a thing of their past.

We need help in today's age due to the food industry's aggressive behaviours through marketing. That along with the BS diets we get pushed in our faces on a day to day basis, it isn't a wonder so many people have disordered eating habits.

Knowledge is power.

Also important to remember you can eat all the food and drinks you love AND be working towards your goals, let me show you how!

Firstly, I like to start with a consultation call where we go through how everything works, what their goals are, what their lifestyle is like, their habits and behaviours, and if online coaching/ PT is for them.

After signing up we have a week where we track your calories to see your eating habits and how many calories you are eating and types (carbs, fat, protein).

One this has been done i work with you to set new habits (if needed), adjust your calories and give you target, education you through my books, guides, videos and other content on the app. I am always here for you when you need me with the touch of a button.




These 3 things are very hard, we are brainwashed at a young age to believe diets, pills, potions will get us the results we want. This is simply not true, I will teach you everything you need to know to become lean, toned, stronger and fitter.

I love helping people achieve their goals. It's as simple as that. I just love teaching, I love biology, bio-mechanics, fitness and nutrition. These fascinate me. I love seeing people becoming stronger, lose weight and become more happier and confident in themselves. It's extremely rewarding.

I wanted to help as many people as possible, 24/7. I didn't want to spend hours and hours on the gym floor anymore when i could deliver better service through DigiCoach.

I offer a lot more than what others provide you with. I have had personal trainers in the past sign me up but only to give me fitness advice. No support, never contacted me, no nutrition. I felt I was left in the dark.
It's important for me to provide exceptional support to all my client, guides on how to lose fat without losing muscle (to leave them toned), how to feel the strongest and fittest they ever have before. I want my clients to have a healthy relationship with their food and not need to cut anything they want. food for the body and food for the soul, this is how it should be. Achieving your goals.