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Mental Health and Wellbeing coach specialising in overcoming anxiety, stress & depression through mindset, habits, psychology, mindfulness & spirituality. With lived experience & over 20yrs professional development.

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Seeing people who came to me overwhelmed, exhausted and fearful...
stepping into their power and confidence...
having bags of energy and enthusiasm for life again...
and smashing their life goals...
just a few short months later.

After overcoming the challenges I faced, with help from many amazing teachers on my journey. I feel driven to share what I've learned by 'paying it forward' to help others on their journey too.

My clients get results.
My service is very bespoke to your needs. You'll get to know yourself very, very well. And from there we work with your own strengths and weaknesses to find your quickest and enjoyable route to success.
It's fun and you'll find yourself smiling more and more.
You'll find everything you need to achieve happiness, success, calm, confidence, creativity and love is WITHIN YOU and increasingly available to you whenever you need it.
There's no risk to you - you get a free trial and if it's not working for you, you can cancel anytime!

Yes, all services are provided remotely so you can stay in your comfortable space at home.


I’ve overcome the out-of-control Anxiety, Depression, Panic, Stress, Limitations, Negative Habits and Beliefs which were with me for many years in my early life.

After 20+ years of learning, practising and working on myself, I’ve released the hold that those negative things once had over me and grown into a very happy, calm and successful person. I have also learned a lot about inner peace, human behaviour and spirituality and I run my life and business by making a positive difference in the lives of other people.

And you can learn all this too, using the techniques and wisdom I'll share with you, to overcome your mental health challenges, and do it in a lot less time than it took me, even if it's something that has been with you for a long time.

Mental Health issues such as anxiety and depression can often be a symptom of a deeper illness within the physical body. So with my coaching services we work with your 'whole' being. My holistic approach will help you to find and work through issues that are affecting your general wellbeing and from there you'll also notice your mental health improve too. And vice-versa, we work on your mental health and your physical wellbeing improves.

We'll work together on all aspects of your life. This could be mental health, physical health & wellbeing, relationships, career, finances, business, inner-peace, spirituality and anything and everything you want to focus on...

The skills you'll develop with coaching

Some of the areas we cover and the skills you’ll develop within our coaching sessions:

Anger Management (handle situations better)
Assertiveness (be able to respect your own needs whilst respecting others’)
Communication Skills (how to communicate effectively, lovingly and build your relationships with others whilst doing so)
Creativity/Problem Solving (be able to create all the things you need in your life)
Emotional Intelligence (how to understand yourself and others better to improve your relationships)
Handling Change & Challenging Situations (Death/Grief, Divorce, Parenting, Addiction, Trauma, Coping Strategies)
Relaxation Techniques (that you can use in your daily life)
Relationships (have better relationships with your partner, family, friends & make new ones too)
Setting Boundaries and Respecting Others (creating more peace in your life by being less ‘pushed around’ by other people)
Self Esteem (love yourself more and more)
Self Confidence (be confident in being you)
Mindfulness & Meditation (gaining peace and clarity of mind in your daily life)
Mental Health (getting rid of anxiety/depression/stress)
Visualising your best life and becoming who you want to be
Peak Performance (operating at your best every day)
Optimal health, energy and vitality
Setting Goals and achieving them

and many more…

With coaching you can have really fast breakthroughs. If you want to make changes and have transformations in your life, coaching is a very effective method as it enables the big 'A-HA' moments of personal change during the sessions/practice and the ongoing habit improvements over the long term. Combined together you can really look back over your coaching journey and see massive changes in a relatively short period of time.

I have wide-range of Coaching & Therapeutic skills and am experienced in other areas such as Business & Corporate, Design & Creative, Marketing & Web Technology… and am passionate about conscious and mindful living so I am perfectly-placed to support you in your journey of personal growth, making a difference in the world and to support the lifestyle of your dreams. Often clients work with me to overcome their personal challenges and we then move on to business ventures to capitalise on their new confidence, energy and enthusiasm for life.