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Maths Tutor for children Year 4 through to Year 13
Covering 11+, GCSE and A Level.
I have been a private tutor for over 10 years.
My goal is to ensure that the pupil achieves their maximum potential. I have an easy nature and adapt my teaching methods to the individual child.

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23 May 2020

David is a great maths tutor for my three daughters. He explains the material very well and gives challenging exercises. I highly recommend him.

16 May 2020

David has been tutoring our two boys for about 3 years now. Both were average students who were doing “ok” . Neither were enjoying the subject or particularly engaged with maths. Thanks to David they are now in the top sets and our eldest son is considering taking A level maths. David’s enthusiasm for maths is infectious even involving us the parents on occasions playing games. David’s style of teaching works well, the boys have a great relationship with him. They have enthusiasm and confidence in maths now which we can only attribute to David’s dedication and we know he truly cares about the boys results often going over and above to help them.
I cant recommend David highly enough!

15 May 2020

After My son had few sessions with David I was surprised to see my son has gained a thorough of the topics as he feels more confident in his mathematical ability overall, fantastic teacher , very supportive and helpful and David knows what they need to learn and achieve a high grade. Highly recommended.

15 May 2020

David thought math to my daughter through her 11+ exam. He is very good teacher, Understand children needs so makes the subject easy to understand. My daughter got into DAO and Latymer . I recommend David. More...

14 May 2020

A great tutor who connects well with my two daughters (aged 11 & 14). My eldest has been with David since secondary school and has worked her way up to set 1 (from set 3). David goes above and beyond his duties offering support out of his allotted times lots. Have no hesitation in recommending him. More...

14 May 2020

It’s fantastic studying with David .He is a great teacher , who has a deep knowledge of maths.Also he make the difficult topics of maths easy to understand to your average teenager .

14 May 2020

David is a very patient, caring and thorough teacher. My daughter really struggled with maths and we really didnt think she would pass her GCSE but David goes the extra mile and cares so much about his students and their grades. He marked work and gave feedback in his own time and was always accessible when my daughter was working from home and needed support. She did pass and that was purely due to hard work on both sides, teacher and student. I would highly recommend David as a tutor. More...

12 May 2020

David is probably the best tutor we’ve had, I wish we’d known about him earlier! My son’s confidence grew substantially in Maths and his marks were also improving - significantly.

11 May 2020

My daughter has been taught by David for 3 years now and is very happy with David’s teaching style. He is patient and explains topics in a clear manner, and goes over and above to ensure the work is understood. We also appreciate his flexibility on lesson times. More...

11 May 2020

David is a great maths tutor. He is very focused and determined to get the best out of your child.


I've always enjoyed maths and really enjoy teaching children and seeing the results of the hard work we do together. Especially of those children that are below their level and start to see their improvement at school.

Its mainly the freedom it brings and the flexibility. Being my own boss is great.

I really care about the making sure the child progresses in their maths studies as they benefit. Maths is about learning topics and then using those topics as a foundation to learn further topics. So I have a individual approach for each child to make sure they excel.


Maths from Primary through 11+, GCSE Maths and A'Level