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Warrington, England

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. Specialising in all forms of addiction and recovery from it. I work alone with no volunteers or trainees. You get me 100% of the time.

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That's easy! I believe that life is about growing and changing in a healthy way. People who have become addicted or got stuck in an addictive life style are not growing! There is a moment, or several! when people go "ahaaah"! and realise something that allows them to grow and change. I live for that moment. Good things always follow.

People around me inspired me the most. Years ago when I recovered from my own addictions it never occurred to me that I could actually become a professional therapist and coach. But when I finally worked up the courage to speak about my dream everyone said that this is what I should become. It was obvious to them!
The great thing for me I that thirty years later I am still just as inspired to get up every morning and use all my experience to help someone else make the change towards a more healthy lifestyle.

People should consider me for this extremely challenging season of their life for several reasons. Firstly because of my experience, I've been doing this in one form or another for over thirty years, and I have experience of both sides of the fence as I was addicted o alcohol and drugs for the first thirty years of my life. Secondly because of my approach which does not ask you to give up months of your life in expensive rehabs. I work exclusively with people at home in their real life while they are at work, on tour or on stage. Thirdly because I do not use trainees or volunteers, this is important because it means that you get the best 100% of the time with complete continuity of support.