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Are you facing a challenge in the workplace? Wanting to build confidence and feel in control of your life? Or perhaps you are feeling isolated and vulnerable and need some direction?

I am an experienced coach, mentor & trainer with a wealth of experience in understanding people & how people take information on board.

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I passionately believe in ‘giving back’ and, in supporting others to achieve their dreams. I have established a successful coaching consultancy, where I coach, mentor and train others, with the aim of empowering them to live the life they deserve: having successful businesses, careers, work/life balance and positive relationships.

I believe that when you have been blessed as I have you have a duty to give back and pull others along with you. Coaching is a powerful tool that when used, gives you quality time to invest in your personal growth, to re-visit your strengths, set goals, act and achieve.

As an experienced coach, mentor and public speaker, I believe that we have one life and that we deserve to give ourselves the life of our dreams. Only by investing in our personal growth and being part of powerful networks are we going to achieve the impossible. So, I see the next stage of my journey is helping to empower others to be successful far quicker than it took me. Today I work with a diverse range of people at all stages of their lives, because what drives me is simply the need to create a fairer, happier world where there is greater equality of opportunity, in a society that is truly reflective of the diverse world we live in.

Have a look at the testimonials on my website...then I invite you to connect with me. I know I can help you whatever stage you are at.


- One off consultations

- 6 weeks to 1 year programmes

- Empowering Self membership programme

- Bespoke programmes