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London, Mayfair

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Crystal Clear Therapy is devoted to helping you to see life through a "Crystal Clear" lens again, by targeting the source of all emotional pain and suffering INSTANTLY!

How? It works on the deeper levels of the mind, which allows for a quick release of trapped pain, emotions and memories that are causing you: anxiety, stress and depression!

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My deepest passion is helping people to heal from traumatic life events, to reconnect to their true beauty and to fully break free from emotional pain and suffering!

With more than 6 years of expertise in my field, I have developed a very modern and warm approach to therapy, by combining the ancient healing methods of meditation and energy healing, with talk therapy. This therapy works in person as well as online, as this is not a touch therapy.

After working in a the crazy world of Financial Services and heading towards burnout, I decided that I wanted to create a unique therapy and business that could give my clients fast results as well as being permanent so that they were able to feel emotionally free and confident to achieve all of their goals and ambitions. I do not believe that one should be in therapy for long periods of time! My therapy is very focused on accessing the source of emotional pain and suffering and helping you to release it.

I am a very friendly, warm, gentle and lighthearted person. I like to make my clients feel understood, that they are cared for and that together, we will make the most amazing changes! I experienced profound shifts in my own life after embarking on my own healing journey and I only put my name to something I have seen works! I also want to show you that therapy doesn't have to be scary, I encourage you to let go, to laugh and to cry, as much as you need to! Everyone needs to feel that they are understood and not weird.


Single Sessions: ideal as a taster, "add on" to existing packages or a great little "pick-me-up" for those of you who have had sessions already! Results? Feel instantly "lighter" after each session! Excellent for a whole host of emotional challenges!

Excellent at tackling: anxiety, stress, depression and divorce/relationships issues!

3 x 60 minute sessions which can be taken at your convenience.

Healing venues: Mayfair (prices differ for this venue to online and Kent) Skype and FaceTime. Limited availability in Kent.

This package is ideal if you have experienced deep trauma, abuse of all forms, or have been battling with: anxiety, depression, PTSD and prolonged ill health.
These sessions will help to tackle struggles with confidence, forming healthy relationships, weight battles and struggling to have a healthy money mind-set!

4 x 60 minutes sessions which can be taken at your convenience.

Healing venues: Mayfair (price differs to sessions online and Kent)Skype, FaceTime and limited availability in Kent.