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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Welcome To Crownguard Security Services,

In a sector that depends on trust, our elite team offers London security services that have enhanced professional attitudes, ethical approaches, and significant knowledge in protection services. We have a number of ex-armed forces guards within our roster who join us from amongst the most prestigious renowned regiments and battle-honoured brigades.

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24 February 2022

Not so great, they have cancelled few shifts they booked with me and they always pay late.

14 February 2020

I booked Crownguard Security for my event and the services they provided was great and fantabulous
I would like to recommend Crownguard Security because of their reliability of service and effective communication.

12 February 2020

Punctual and very professional

8 February 2020

Crowngaurd provide security for our corporate events in Central London. I recommend any day. Smart, respectful and well trained officers who always go over and above requirements.


We provide the opportunity to give back to others - we understand how hard it is for our veterans to get back into work after leaving the armed forces, and we also know how hard it can be to adjust to the new financial sector. We give them work, which, in turn, provides the businesses, companies and properties we cater for, even better security because of our guards' knowledge and enhanced skills. We have the opportunity to give our clients complete ease, knowing they're being well looked after and their property or assets are safe and secure. The best part of this job is hearing how we've made a positive impact on other people's lives, which is something we're not only extremely proud of, but something which we constantly strive to accomplish all of the time.

The armed forces has always been close to the hearts of our management team so to give something back to those that have served is a privilege.

Crownguard Security Services specialises in providing ex-armed forces trained guards, who have been taught a militaristic regime which sees them act with amplified knowledge of protection and safety, while they act with professionalism and courtesy. Our guards are the best of the best, and we cater to a number of residential and commercial premises. We provide the very best care from the most disciplined, hard-working professionals for you.

Our services are in person. Our guards are on site for the client and perform all of the requirements needed, including patrolling.

All of our guards follow the Covid-19 rules and regulations to the letter. Our guards hand sanitise, maintain the 2m distance required, wear masks, and enforce all of these rules for customers and visitors at sites to help keep everybody safe simultaneously.


Residential security is all about giving protection and general administration to most of the housing societies, apartments other residential properties. We provide specialised residential security services in London with trained and experienced residential security guards. We are well-versed with the service and continuously supervise the guards to improve the quality.

Not only do we deal with the home security services in London of common residential properties, but we have also VIPs and royal families included as our clients. We provide specialised training to these residential security guards so that they’re polished and proactive, alongside their excellent skills. We believe in protecting with a smile and trying to make the right impression in front of your house as security specialists.

It’s always good to be vigilant of visitors from the time of the first interaction, so to fulfil this criterion, we provide reception security personnel. They will protect your property and keep an eye on the entry and exit of the visitors.

Being a receptionist, and the first point of contact, can sometimes make you a target. Having extra security to protect not only yourself, but to ensure the safety of the building from criminals who may try and threaten you or hurt you, is majorly beneficial and allows you to do your job while being at ease.

Your guests will be under strong security and enjoy their time because we provide you with trained and experienced bar and nightclub security personnel.

Nowadays, bars and nightclubs are one of the most dangerous places to be around. It’s a strong magnet for thieves to steal from you while you’re too busy drinking or dancing, and when leaving the club, criminals will also take advantage of your drunken state and inability to understand what’s going on. Our guards will check for ID verification, control the crowd, deter thieves, assist the premises in avoiding vandalism, and eliminate employee pilferage.

Our commercial security system includes the handling of retail stores. Shops with low level security are easy targets and thieves take advantage of this.

Our team of efficient security guards tries to recognise the theft threats and try to keep it under control along with the safety of the customers. Increasing security means a decrease in losing revenue from stolen merchandise or gaining a reputation for being an easy place to target. We have professionals who are strategically strong and give a right turn to the security level of the retail stores.

Handling school students is a challenging task because they do what they feel like doing and are often a target for strangers.

Knife crime, gang wars, and grooming students into becoming drug takers, holders or suppliers has risen significantly, and is one of the biggest threats to our young people nowadays.

To keep an eye on every visitor in the school and secure the premises, we provide excellent school security personnel. Our school security guards are CRB checked and SIA approved.

The airport is one of the busiest places with new visitors every second. The intruders get an easy escape in the crowd without any vigilance. Several threats take place in airports, and nowadays, everyone is much more on edge, which is why having extra security not only puts the airport and its staff at rest, but it ensures customers enjoy their flight and their worry decreases. Our team of well-trained staff offers a precise solution to the client’s needs and assist them accordingly.

If not directly, we provide CCTV trained security guard officials who will keep an eye on every activity from the surveillance room. These business security guards will work as a back-end security support and will help to gather and compile the sources of evidence to prosecute the criminals in the court.

Our Specialised Security service guarantees you with ex-armed forces guards who join us from amongst the most prestigious renowned regiments and battle-honoured brigades. They've spent years exhibiting the principles they learnt in the military, including professionalism, commitment, integrity, passion and loyalty that's unmatched in the security industry. They can handle even the most difficult security requirements and situations due to going above and beyond to impress every client and provide the highest quality guarding.

Our specialised guards have a strong foundation of drive, dedication and determination in the face of danger, promising elite protection. They are a premium, bespoke assortment of guards, all with one vision in mind - giving you the most prestige security experience possible.

Close Protection security is an executive service known for being of the highest calibre, adept in managing high-threat and high-end requirements. Close Protection security gives you the peace of mind you need, even more so with Crownguard Security - we have a number of ex-armed forces guards within our roster who have learnt and practiced the loyal, passionate and professional principles inculcated from the military. For our guards that haven't been in the military, they go through training to instill these principles within their attitudes. All of our guards, regardless of military experience, are trained to the highest quality and will meet any requirement with passion and commitment.