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My name is Chris and I am offering guitar lessons for people of all ages. Whether you want face to face or an online lesson get in touch with me. Everything you want to know; starting from open major and minor chords, the string names and notes on the fretboard, understanding what makes a chord, guitar anatomy - all the basics to playing your instrument.

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I love teaching people what I know, with the knowledge I have on playing the Guitar. It makes me happy and fuels my passion to assist people on their musical experience.

A very good friend of mine, who is also a guitar teacher, encouraged me to give teaching some serious thought.

Because I believe in making sure people gain 3 things from my lessons; 1. They're having fun. 2. They're learning, and 3. They're enjoying the lessons

I can provide both services online and also give face to face tuition.

So if I'm doing face to face Tuition then I make sure I'm adhering to the health and safety guidelines, like 2m distance and wearing a face mask. I have alcoholic hand gel on me, that I use prior to and after each lesson.


Whether you're taking precautions because of the current situation, or simply live too far away from me, no problem! This is where I'm thankful I can provide you with an Online service, for the same costs as face to face Tuition.

I offer face to face Tuition for those who would prefer a more 1:1 approach to their lessons. Everything I cover is in my Profile description, however I will add that I do special deals on each time frame if you're interested.