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Dagenham, Greater London, Essex

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Hello, My name is Ashley Butcher and I'm a freelance graphic designer with 5 years of experience working under my recently founded freelance company "Creatively Krunk" I view creativity as a gift and one that we have all been blessed with, Bringing peoples ideas to life with the power of the creative mind brings me all the joy in the world.

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The key to a great website is to keep it simple and clean, something easy on the eyes and smooth to scroll through whilst holding all information to strike your purpose at first glance.

I would ask the client to kindly fill out what I like to call a "Design Request Form" which makes for an easier experience for the individual filling it out. This way all information and the client's requirements will be in one place and it assures that no information will slip through. I would assure that I go through the form with the client upon our initial briefing be that over the phone or face to face to be sure all the information is accurate so the client can get the best out of their design.

I love that I get the opportunity to be creative every day and do what I love the most, Design for me will always be a passion and something that remains close to my heart.

I have always been the type of person who believes in going for what you want the most and dreams won't make themselves as they say so I'd like to hope I'm on the path to achieving them!.

I would like my clients to know and be sure they are working with a trusted source and someone who believes in pure customer satisfaction, I don't see my work as work I see it as a passion and something that drives me to get up in the morning with a smile on my face!. I thrive to make others smile the same way with the work I produce for them and aim to meet the highest expectation for my clients.