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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Crabtree Property Management provide a comprehensive and bespoke residential block property management service to our Clients.

We are an award winning Managing Agent able to offer a high level and value for money service to our Clients

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3 November 2020

This company has been our managing agent for 15 years. Their duties were to manage and maintain a small estate in Kettering comprising of 16 flats and 8 houses. During our time with them we witnessed our service charge soar to unprecedented levels when compared to other estates, maintenance work took an eternity to arrange, repairs were billed at ridiculously inflated prices and when challenged they would not respond or deliberately avoid responding hoping the issue would be forgotten.

This company will squander your money, pressure you to accept services which are not needed, commission reports and insurance at inflated prices and without your knowledge bump up your costs with hidden charges always using the excuse of ‘in line with standard practice’, ‘under current rules’ etc.

They rarely follow your instructions and will always treat the client, ie you, with contempt unless you stand up to them and impress on them who is the boss in this situation.

Our estate under their management was in a state of disrepair and dereliction. Their so called maintenance was laughable. On one occasion it took 3 months to have a light bulb changed and we received a charge of £132.

Their staff are totally clueless, unmotivated and not very client orientated. If you have no property management experience stay well clear from these people. They will milk you dry whilst justifying every one of their actions with a mountain of information, statistics, trial balances etc.

In our case, it was not until a second director stepped into our estate committee that we systematically and intentionally started to take them apart. Our goal was to get rid of them and after accumulating all the necessary information we finally terminated them. Termination was not easy because of the very nature of their standard agreements which auto-renew every year for a further 12 months unless you submit notice of termination 3 months before the expiry date, something which is so easy to overlook. They also deliberately delay providing you with the new agreement to allow auto renewal to take place and prevent you from negotiating better terms.

This is a particularly malevolent company and we would strongly advise you to stay well clear of them. Look through the reviews and you will see that hardly anyone is satisfied with their service. Also watch out as they do not appear to be financially sound and safe to keep your estate funds. If you are a client of Crabtree and you have accumulated funds being held by them we suggest you ask for a bond or bank guarantee to secure your money.


29 August 2019

Gosh - I'm almost wondering whether we're talking about the same company. We bought a new build from one of the worst developers ever and Crabtree are our management company. Personally I have had no problems at all with them dealing with our issues in a timely manner and resolving all issues. Shabby Developments were supposed to leave the site with a road sign in place (also stating private road) but they didn't. I realise I pushed constantly, but eventually Caroline got them to install the sign - but they hadn't put PRIVATE ROAD on it. It took another couple of months to get that added but it's been done. I'm not dealing with Neelam who seems to be just as helpful. Perhaps the teams are different for flats/houses or rental/buyer More...

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4 July 2019

Our building has been managed by Crabtree for a number of years. They were great for a few years, but then it seems that they can not retain staff and every few months we would be given a new contact person who would have to learn the problems/history of the building and as soon as they got up to speed they left. We have given notice to Crabtree and since then communication has practically stopped. When tenants have phoned Crabtree they have been told the building is no longer managed by Crabtree so can't help. The directors asked numerous times for a telephone meeting and emails and telephone calls were ignored for a long time. It seems the only thing they are able to do is send out demands for money. I'm very sad by what has happened, but judging the other reviews on this site I think Crabtree are going downhill very fast. More...

5 May 2019

I have had 5 years experience of dealing with Crabtree Property Management and in that time I have found the company to be honest, reliable and prompt. It has been helpful to have had the same manager dealing with the block for the last 3 years. More...

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26 April 2019

Generally prompt and positive in responding to requests.
Completed recent refurbishment in a timely and professional manner.
Streets ahead of another property management company with whom I had the misfortune to deal with.

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27 March 2019

I have been the owner of a Crabtree 'maintained' flat for over five years. I have been consistently impressed with the level of service and communication. The gardens at our flat are in impeccable condition and the cleaners do a great job too. The communication from Crabtree has been excellent due to an effective partnership arrangement with a local resident. I would have no issue recommending their services. More...

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19 July 2018

Checkout Crabtree on Google Reviews and Allagents before giving this company your business. If you choose to use them, your reputation will be as black as theirs. Expect Crabtree PM to be taken to court for professional negligence - you can do Better than Crabtree. More...

Crabtree PM Limited

Reply from Crabtree PM Limited

Dear Mr Friedman, We’re sorry you feel like this. I would be grateful if you could email me directly so that I can review the issues that led to this and hopefully explain matters and resolve any outstanding issues. I look forward to hearing from you directly. John Osborn John.osborn@crabtreeproperty.co.uk

20 June 2018

Having dealt with Crabtree for over 3 years now I've had nothing but a positive experience. If moving into a building they manage I would be confident that it would be well looked after.

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14 September 2017

Thank you Caroline Bream of Crabtree Property Management (CPM) for all your help, patience, efficiency - and good communication skills.

And I have dealt with Caroline wearing two different 'hats'.

Wearing my lettings team 'hat' - at Henleys Estate Agents, Isleworth - CPM are block managing agents for some properties we manage. Caroline has been unfailingly helpful - regarding communal matters - and always keeps me up-dated when there are delays due to contractors - so I can keep our tenants informed. So this aids my efficiency, too.

And wearing my admin 'hat' - CPM are the block managing agents for our offices. When I reported a problem with external lighting, Caroline assigned an electrical contractor very quickly. And just as rapidly the problem was resolved.

Needless to say, as part of the managing agents' 'world', I have an insight few other posters share and - having mentioned hats before - I take my proverbial hat off to Caroline.

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15 May 2017

I find Crabtree and their staff both customer service & Property Managers, great even though they do seem a bit stressed sometimes but I think that just goes with the job and the fact that they manage so many buildings. Anytime I have phoned or emailed them to report an issue in my Block., I've always had a reply within 24hrs and they also have an OOH Service in place for any Emergencies which a lot of Block Management Companies don't! All in all., I have nothing to complain about :) More...

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12 April 2017

I have had absolutely no issue with Crabtree in coming up 2 years; their information has been clear, fair and informative every time; even where they could not assist they have advised instead.
I have acquaintances managed by them also, who hold the same high opinion as me; frankly, Managing Agents don't get the Property Management Company of the Year (2017) award for nothing, and I'm very glad they're the ones looking out for me!
***** 5 well deserved stars from myself and my partner! *****
Reading the below reviews I believe there to be many negative posts here which are likely unwarranted, and from people who perhaps do not understand what a Managing Agent actually is, or maybe have never read their own lease!
Matters within ones own flat are not for the Managing Agent to resolve; if you are a tenant then tell your landlord, and if you own the property then it is your responsibility.
Managing Agents manage the communal parts of the property; they do not own the building, and are not responsible for your flat or for anything which is only affecting your flat.
The majority of decisions made on what and how to repair communal matters are made by the Management Company (all Leaseholders are part of this btw!) via their appointed Directors; these are Leaseholders for your site who represent the Management Company and communicate their decisions to the Managing Agent, and usually live on site too; these are the people from whom Managing Agents (such as Crabtree) take their instruction. Sadly those who are dissatisfied are usually those who shout the loudest... With this in mind, please disregard (likely the majority of) the bad reviews!

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The variety and the ability to make a difference to people's homes.

The current owners took part in a management buyout in 2002 and have grown the business from around 15 employees and managing around 6,000 units, to today where we employ nearly 100 members of staff and manage around 18,000 units.

We are an industry and client recognised managing agent having won the Best Managing Agent in London Award held at Wembley in December 2016. This demonstrates the quality of our service and the recognition of our existing Clients.

We are also proud to say that we are fully compliant with ARMA-Q and the RICS having been audited by RICS for both elements, Unlike many other agents, we do not have an improvement plan to achieve full compliance. We are already working ot the highest standards.