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Hey, I'm Bob Taylor. I'm a Conversion Copywriter. But I’m not just a writer. I do more than just put words on a page. I write copy that sells. Copy that compels. Copy that turns your prospects into your customers.

I specialise in writing engaging email marketing, persuasive landing pages and profit-boosting web pages.

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I love working with clients to help them boost engagement, customer satisfaction and ultimately, sales!

Research is a major part of my work. I ensure to research your brand, products and services and your industry.

And I complete detailed customer research on your ideal customer. This is so that I can fully understand the complexities and hidden benefits of your offer as well as getting into the shoes of your customer to know exactly how to sell your offer to them. I can't get enough of all this!

Sitting behind a computer all day in a corporate office just isn't for me. I love the variety working with different clients across the world brings. Behind my screen in that office, I didn't feel like I was making a difference. Just a cog in the machine.

So I wanted to build a business that allowed me to make a real difference in other peoples businesses. I help small business owners sell their products or services through the copy I write. Copy that connects and sells.

And then of course there's the old cliche - I loved reading and writing since I was a kid and one day I'd love to be a published author!

All my process are based around honesty, clarity and bucket loads of communication. When you work with me, your success is my success. I've even put my exact work process on my website so you can see exactly what it's like to work with me.

Here's a brief overview:
- Meet & Brief
- Plan
- Research & Create
- Feedback & Edit
- Launch & Optimise

What you’ll get when you collaborate with me:

1. Powerful Persuasive Copy that Sells like Hot Cakes
2. Highly Effective Call-to-Actions that Lure in Prospects to Buy
3. A Professional and Friendly Partner

I'm based in Bournemouth and Poole on the south coast. So if you're local, we can meet face-to-face (with covid safety precautions in place). But I also work with clients in the USA, Europe and Nationwide so I'm very familiar with offering my services online.

Most work is completed remotely so no changes required. For local clients that wish to meet face-to-face, the current government guidelines must be adhered to for any meetings.


If you’re not saying “Hi” to new subscribers, you’re not setting off on the right foot.

Lack of engagement leads to a lack of interest … in you!

When a person subscribes to you, they expect to hear from you, pronto. If they don’t get an email within 24 hours, they’re likely to forget they ever subscribed.

This means if you try to reach out to them later down the line, the email will likely be left unopened or deleted.

With a friendly welcome email sequence, you can begin to build a relationship with your subscribers. Let them into your world – tell them a little about you and what you do. Make them happy they hit subscribe!

A healthy relationship leads to higher conversions later down the line.

So, get a fantastic welcome email sequence that embraces your subscribers as a friend, and builds trust.

Super persuasive sales emails are a great way to motivate your prospects to buy. I’ve got the skills and expertise to send your profits soaring with a super effective sales sequence.

Using proven copywriting sales techniques and heaps of studying on the psychology of sales, I’ll write your sales emails as offers no one in their right mind would refuse.

With my expertise in a conversational tone, together we’ll create a sales sequence so irresistible your customers will be tumbling over each other to get their hands on your product/service.

I’ll whip up amazing emails with mouth-foaming subject lines and clear call-to-actions. Let’s increase your sales with better open and click-through rates!

Home Page, About Us Page, Services Page. Every business needs them. But not all are great. Most don't speak to your ideal customer's pain points or gain points.

In fact, most companies web copy talk just about themselves. Don't be a web copy narcissist!

Get powerful copy that speaks directly to your ideal customers and boost conversions. Because isn't that what it's all about?

I call this my Espresso Package!


Because a powerful sales/landing page has selling power that packs a punch (just like a strong shot of espresso).

They have to engage to convert your leads and ultimately boost your sales.

You love what you sell, work with me and let’s get your customers burning with desire for it too!