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Let me introduce you to CONSULTING SPACE, designed to help individuals, businesses and organisations adopt FRESH THINKING to transform, maintain a positive relationship in role and meet the challenges of a changing marketplace

My offer include these services:



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I am very passionate about the wellbeing of people, particularly people in the workplace. I've worked in a variety of organisations over the years and seen people unhappy in their jobs. I want to change that!
I love to connect with people, help them discover new ways of looking at their issues and helping them to become empowered to make a change for the better.

For some time my skills have been housed in a corporation where they have been put to some use but now I want to POWER UP and practice what I preach

I have expertise in both mental wellbeing & consulting into organisations - this joint approach can deliver FRESH THINKING & REAL CHANGE into areas that have been stuck, under invested or even unknown! If you really want to take a brave step or bring positive improvements into your team/ business, please get in touch


Using a range of psychodynamic, systemic and human relations skills, I can help you to delve into the deeper layers of your working life, organisation or team.

I was trained at the renowned Tavistock & Portman, London to offer individuals & organisations an opportunity to understand the mentality of their relationship to the workplace and enable individuals and teams the potential to become happier & healthier in their chosen professions

I have been a former Director in both health care & third sector services so I have an insight into the issues that today's leaders face. Today's leaders are expected to be able to partner across organisational boundaries and be hyper-mobile to gain the best possible outcome for their business. The changes in leadership produce all kinds of internal and external challenges but also much opportunity!
I can offer systemic coaching to offer value beyond the individual leader or executive (coachee) and their organisation, to critical stakeholders or customer bases.

A bespoke package can be tailored to suit the needs of your personal development or business requirements

Your team may benefit from group coaching methods to enable them to develop insight, skills, competencies, knowledge or team cohesion. As a trained facilitator, I can help a group (min 5- max 8) to address business challenges and find ways to develop together. Action Learning is particularly good in Project Teams to take the group from the design, implementation & learning cycle stages and can be useful to develop organisational talent.

Other useful ways to apply Action Learning are: group supervision or peer support (CEO, Executive or business owners) or commerce groups who want space to meaningfully network, problem solve, co-create or innovate!

With over 24 years working in mental health in a range of diverse services, I am able to deliver training into the workplace on how to recognise and deal with issues that may impact on employee relations, organisational development and wellbeing of individuals and team functioning. I am a Mental Health First Aider and champion mental health in my community. With this in mind, I am prepared to give a one FREE session on Mental Wellbeing to your team (in 50 miles radius of Watford, Herts) to enable your business or team RECOVER post Covid-19