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18 April 2018

nitially I wasn't sure if I needed coaching & wasn't expecting it to have as good a result as it did. I thought it would get my mind motivated but actually it touched on issues of the heart & helped me enjoy my business and relax with it.

Before I connected with Anna my business set up was rough. I felt like I was approaching my business in a very blunt way. Afterwards I found some real sharpness to move forward into the areas I wanted to head towards. I had someone to talk to who helped me explore what my drive and passion really was. I realised my business was not just about making enough money to put food on the table but also needed to meet my needs as a creative. I needed my business to be successful & fulfilling.

Within a couple of sessions with Anna I found myself feeling more confident in what I was doing & why I was doing it - enabling me to maximise my productivity. Having someone to talk to meant I could articulate my random thoughts in reality. That connected me with my dream in a way I hadn't let it before. It felt less like work & more like pursuing a passion & a dream. Dreams are hard to manage sometimes & hard to achieve but now I'm able to drive my business from a place of confidence.

I feel established & know what I want my business to be doing & achieving. It's great to talk to clients feeling like you've got a fully working business behind you & they pick up on that. If you've got a good infrastructure & you know what your business is & does when you talk to customers & potential collaborators they see that in you. So for me I feel a lot more confident in what I can deliver as a business & a person.


I love that once people start the coaching process they see change and improvement not just in the area they initially came to coaching for - career, health, relationships - but in every area of their life.

I wanted to do more good in the world - financially and practically. Starting and running a coaching business is helping me to do both!

My coaching style is unique. I was trained by a master coach - one of the best in the country. My clients find they have insight after insight into their situations in a way that often takes them by surprise. I am down-to-earth, practical and effective . If you want real change and results that last then I would love to speak to you.