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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Compete to Win specialises in helping individual entrepreneurs and their teams in consumer and retail markets to transform their personal and business's performance.

Established in 1997, Compete to Win operates with a unique no quibble added value guarantee that guarantees the added value will exceed its fees.

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14 June 2020

Business Consulting

Working with Mr. Paul New of Compete to Win is an extraordinary experience and learning process, which with all his knowledge, I feel am being guided in the direction I would like to go in, and am developing and taking my vision to the next level.

12 June 2020

Paul has a clear understanding of marketing strategies and the patience to walk me through step-by-step, not feeling overwhelmed and refocusing me at times. He gave me space to process information and ask appropriate questions to get the job done. I have confidence in his abilities and highly recommend him for anyone who is starting a new business or needs strategic advice pinpointing branding. Thank you Paul. More...

12 June 2020

I met Paul in August 2015 when I was a guide working on an Exodus mountain biking tour in
central Mongolia. Paul was one of the guests to my country and we quickly established a good
rapport. By the end of the tour, I had discussed with Paul my desire to set up my own tour guiding company given my passions for the great outdoors, nature, and canoeing. Paul said he
would be delighted to act as my mentor and then asked me if I was interested in organising a
hiking trip in the Altai Mountains, Western Mongolia for his Love To Hike hiking group.
Over the next two years, I had numerous bi-weekly mentoring sessions with Paul on Skype which
resulted in the creation of my company Mongolia Dream Vacations LLC. On 30 July 2017 Paul
arrived back in Ulaanbaatar with a multi-national group of Love To Hikers for my first ever
Mongolian Dream Vacation. This trip was so successful that Paul agreed to repeat the trip in
2018. Furthermore, he agreed to continue mentoring me to help me organise a 30-day 2,000km
mountain biking tour for 2020. ‘Mountain Biking in the Land of Chinggis Khaan’ has attracted 25
riders from 10 different countries making it by far my largest Mongolian Dream Vacation to date.
However, due to the pandemic, we have had to reschedule it for summer 2021.
Mongolia Dream Vacations has also successfully organised canoeing and horseback riding
adventures and so far has succeed in bringing guests to Mongolian from 21 different countries. I
am currently working with Paul to launch a new 'Highlights of Mongolia Hiking, Sightseeing and
Cultural Adventure’ for summer 2022.
Since Paul became my mentor, I have learned so much from him and in particular the
importance of putting the customer experience at the heart of everything Mongolia Dream
Vacations does. I understand the benefit of exceeding client expectations and actively solicit
feedback so as to continually improve everything Mongolia Dream Vacations does. Paul taught
the importance of having a strong emotive brand name and a logo that captures the essence of
the Mongolia Dream Vacations experience. I have learnt how to methodically plan, including
contingency planning for the unexpected, along with how to cost trips to be both profitable and
price competitive. There is so much that I now realise I did not know when I first dreamt about
having my own company. For example, Paul helped me understand the differences between
variable costs, semi-variable costs and fixed costs which are so critical when planning a Mongolia
Dream Vacation and when setting the minimum number of tourists required to guarantee a
departure. Paul’s expertise has helped me to avoid many of the errors that a first time
entrepreneur can easily fall into. We have achieved so much by working together despite the
seven hour time difference and being limited to Skype and email.
Step by step, Paul is helping me to ever greater success and I consider myself extremely grateful
to have him as my mentor given the random nature by which we met. He is my inspiration and
role model. I thoroughly recommend my good friend to anyone seeking premier division expert
business advice and mentoring support.

12 June 2020

I have known Paul New for approximately 10 years and during the past decade Paul has worked with
me on a variety of projects and challenges, principally in the role of a mentor.
Firstly, Paul is extremely bright and he is an expert in his field with a lot of experience accumulated
through work in multiple industry sectors – so he knows what he’s talking about and can provide
useful advice. He first assisted me in tackling a complex corporate business takeover challenge and
then moved on to advising on company restructures, financial modelling, crisis management and
long term business planning.
Over the years Paul has shared a range of tools and guidance to help me come to grips with complex
problems. He has also helped me develop my own thinking and understanding and has alternatively
provided support and critical feedback that has helped me improve my capabilities and performance
in my role. Whilst his feedback has at times been honest and tough, I have never felt undermined or
disrespected through the process. Paul has been around to support and develop me through some
very tough times.
I appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment that Paul brings to our discussions which means I value
him almost as a part of my team. I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul to anyone considering
appointing him as a mentor.

12 June 2020

Paul has been my guide and mentor over the past 3 years. Following an intense period of strategy
review and development, we (Lakeland) have embarked upon a major journey of transformation,
designed to equip the business to thrive in today’s increasingly tough retail environment.
Throughout that journey, Paul has provided wise counsel and advice. He has an uncanny knack of
keeping the core threads of our conversations alive over weeks and months, and in particular asking
probing and thoughtful questions about just those tricky points I’d hoped he’d forgotten about. I
always leave our conversations feeling invigorated and focused. Paul has an ability to get to the crux
of an issue extremely quickly and although his approach is guiding and even gentle at times, he
nevertheless manages to hold your feet to the fire very effectively. I have felt extremely well
supported by Paul throughout and above all he has given me confidence in my own abilities to lead
my team and organisation through some very challenging times.

12 June 2020

Paul was my very first professional boss, he was responsible for my initial training as a first year UCMDS
trainee at Unilever. . He was brilliant, not only is he super smart and a very insightful marketeer he was also
very adept at steering me in the right direction as a transitioned to the world of work. The lessons i learned
in those early years all stem back to Paul. I use some of the insights to this day. He taught me the
importance of objective analytical evaluation, about the importance of tangible strategic endeavors (versus
fluffing around at the edges) and how to brief and judge effective creative work. In all professional areas he
was a font of knowledge and great guy to work for.

Take care,


Compete to Win specialises in helping individual entrepreneurs and their teams in consumer and retail markets to transform their personal and business's performance.

Compete to Win's expertise is in: i) branded consumer and retail markets, II) business planning and iii) mentoring