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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Collar Cubs is a experienced, personalised and trusted dog walking and pet sitting service. We understand how hard it is to trust another with your pet and can garuntee to treat yours like he/she were our very own! We are fully personalised and believe it's important as paying customers that you get a service that not only loves and gives your pet their full attention but one that worth the money you're spending.

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26 May 2018

We use collar cubs twice a week and my Staffordshire bull terrier (jodie) absolutely loves it. Olivia takes jodie for a walk when I just don’t have the time and it’s safe to say it is well worth it, jodie loves her and she comes back worn out every time 10/10 would recommend

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Interacting with the animals, seeing them genuinely enjoy themselves and the bonds you build with them which only get stronger

My love and passion for animals. My volunteering and previous work has fulfilled a part of my need to work with animals but now I wanted to do something solo and direct and build stronger bonds and also make a business out of it!

I believe my service is more quirky and more personal. It's one on one time and my full attention on your pet to ensure it has the safest and best time possible in my care. I take the time to keep my visits fun and exciting (toys, areas, treats etc.) and also enjoy seeing the progression of an animal whether it be through training or on walks or being handled (if a Guinea etc) also, within my website and social media I like to interact with my customers. Sending them pet deals, awareness of fundraisers or recent animal welfare etc. Posting photos and videos of their little ones. I think it's important to include pet parents and allow them to see how their pets are spending their time and what they're spending their money on!


I will pick up you pooch in a dog secure vehicle. All the locations are local and will vary week to week (unless specified otherwise) this is so the walk offers a range of new smells, walks etc to keep it new and fun different toys and treats will also be provided and some fresh water and a quick clean after ready for snuggles at home. All services are personalised so amendments can be done if needed e.g wanting your dog walked round your local neighbourhood or certain treats etc.

Pet sitting is also fully personalised and a pet plan will be drawn up to suit your pets needs. General services I offer within the pet sitting are - short walk (for dogs), feed, administer medication, training time, play, snuggles etc.