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A company that cares about how it works with clients and doing whatever it takes to build great relationships. A small company, owner managed that understands how the little things matter. Perfectly small enough to make every client feel important and capable enough that large organisations want to use our expertise. EG NHS, Virgin Media, Bupa, Hallmark

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24 February 2021

I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for an coach. Amanda gave me a different point of view. With his help, I was able to recognise where I could improve myself. I found balance in my work and home life. During my time with Amanda, I was required to make a very difficult decision on my career and family. With his help, it became the easiest transition I have ever had in my career. My only regret is, I wish I had found Amanda earlier in my career. More...

17 February 2021

From the outset Amanda was a very clear communicator and easy to work with. I liked her pragmatic approach and I think that’s at the core of why i was challenged sufficiently to change my (strong) mindset and beliefs.
Amanda has made a real difference to the way I work and it’s already yielding results and general positivity.
I cannot recommend Clearly Training enough in a time when being fleet of foot and having courage in a tricky marketplace is vital.

11 February 2021

I enjoyed some fantastic coaching from Amanda. She is easy to work with and gets results. The training challenged my mindset and has transformed my performance. I am looking forward to training with her again. More...

10 February 2021

Best training day I've experienced for a long time. Amanda made the training interesting and kept us all enthralled. Gave me a lot of new ideas to incorporate into my daily routine. Left me feeling positive, motivated and excited. Best training I've had in a long time and beneficial for myself and the company I work for More...

10 February 2021

Amanda is an excellent trainer, clear, patient and fun. I have loved the training sessions I’ve had with her she knows exactly how to keep her audience engaged.


Working one on one with clients to bring real changes in how they feel, relate to the world and improve their outcomes.

I always wanted to work for myself......my dad was a second hand car dealing so it was in my up bringing.

My clients tell me I'm easy to get on with and they can open up quickly. Some clients have told me, I'm one of the people they trust most in the world which makes me feel incredibly grateful. Why should clients choose me......if you really want help with having a honest conversation, saying out loud things you keep to yourself and then deciding if you want to do something about it....I might be for you.

Yes, I work on Zoom and have done since March 2020.

I have only worked remotely on Zoom since March 2020.


A service that supports you to clarify what is really going on for you, inside your head, decisions and thoughts. To create calm clarity on what you'd like to do or not do. This can be from career management to personal resilience.

A service that provides specific training to improve your capability and lead to more business/career opportunities. From business planning, delivering impactful presentations or dealing with challenging conversations.

A service that supports a journey of building self awareness into the triggers can create stress and the experiences that re-energise us. In supporting better self-awareness this enables a greater sense of control and calmness to implement coping strategies. The intention is to maximise well being and minimise exposure to stress.