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Lancaster, Lancashire

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Claritas Business Consulting Limited exists with clear purpose, provide our consulting services in two general business areas with a view to improving the business performance of our clients
• Business Consulting - concept development, strategic thinking, business planning, operational process development, process mapping, preparation for operational readiness, start-up management, accelerated growth, risk management.

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Doing work I love with clients I like, in a way that works well for both me personally and the people I work with.

Knowing that my own learning from a strong corporate career, applied to a small business environment, could bring real benefit to business owners and would give me real purpose.

Apart from my knowledge, skills and experience, my aim is to become a valued and trusted partner where my clients appreciate my personal flexibility and adaptability, as well as the fact that I quickly get to understand their business so I can see and appreciate their issues, and give them solutions that work for them.

I also work to the following principles.
* If I have already something developed (perhaps for another client) that will fit your business need albeit with some customisation to make it fit for purpose, I charge for the customisation, not as though I am developing something from scratch.
* I do not charge for short phone calls. If you have an issue or an idea and you want to talk it through with me and it takes 15/20 minutes, you do not get an invoice for 20 minutes work nor do I put it in the back of a book and add the minutes up at the end of the month. That is not a good business relationship. I do not want a client to be thinking of the damage to their budget every time they call me. I just want them to feel that they can call me when they need or want to talk.
* If a client wants to call me on an evening or at the weekend, not a problem. Sometimes it is the only space they have to talk, and also some issues will not wait.
* I do not charge a retainer. Clients pay on an 'as you use' basis either on an hourly rate or I provide a fixed price against a defined scope of work.
* If there is something going on which requires me to be on-site, that is not an issue. I charge for travel expenses but not for any time spent in actually travelling.